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At The Table With Gail At The Table With Gail
Gail Hall presents a wide range of recipes.
Interests and HobbiesEnglishCoast Access Radio
Aviation, Past and Present Aviation, Past and Present
John Skene presents history, stories and anecdotes from NZ and international aviation
Interests and Hobbies Coast Access Radio
Bloody Good Yarns Bloody Good Yarns
Master Storyteller, Mac MacDonald brings politics and economics to life in a hilarious series of Narrative Poems.
Interests and HobbiesEnglishOtago Access Radio
Deco Retro Deco Retro
A celebration of a bygone era!
Interests and HobbiesEnglishPlanet FM
From the Fringes From the Fringes
Presenting a range of issues and opinions from the fringes... political, social, ethical and personal, from the unique perspective of the show's host, Jack Gielen.
Interests and HobbiesEnglishFree FM
Garden Planet Garden Planet
A show dedicated to gardens and gardeners!
Interests and HobbiesEnglishPlanet FM
Green Thumbs and Dirty Fingers Green Thumbs and Dirty Fingers
Gardening tips with Philippa Foes-Lamb.
Interests and HobbiesEnglishFresh FM
Grinding Gears Grinding Gears
Do you consider yourself a bit of a car fanatic? Enjoy spending your Sundays watching motorsport? Love talking about everything from classic cars to the latest model out? Then join Pete and Aaron every week while they do just that!
Interests and HobbiesEnglishRadio Southland
Hawke's Bay Poetry Live with Jeremy Roberts Hawke's Bay Poetry Live with Jeremy Roberts
Hawke's Bay and guest poets present their poems
Interests and HobbiesEnglishRadio Kidnappers
Historic Souvenirs Historic Souvenirs
Personal memoirs in a series of dramatised book readings. Currently 'Pedal Power' by Roy Sinclair, who had unwavering curiosity in other people, his quest to recall their stories and achievements in writing.
Interests and HobbiesEnglishFree FM
In the Garden with Megan In the Garden with Megan
Gardening tips and a yummy recipe from Megan Williams (Hawkes Bays most glamorous Gardener)
Interests and HobbiesEnglishRadio Kidnappers
Investment Time Investment Time
Investment Time with Forsyth Barr
Interests and Hobbies Coast Access Radio
Kalimpong Kids Kalimpong Kids
Historian Jane McCabe discusses the Kalimpong scheme and the journeys of many descendants to uncover their hidden family histories.
Interests and HobbiesEnglishOtago Access Radio
Kiwis and Dragons Kiwis and Dragons
A Kiwi version of the great Dungeons and Dragons game
Interests and HobbiesEnglishRadio Kidnappers
Mary O'Neill Doll Show Mary O'Neill Doll Show
This programs looks at the history of the doll. What makes a doll collectible. How do you know if a doll is valuable. Who valuse olls. How to take care of your doll and a whole lot more.
Interests and HobbiesEnglishRadio Kidnappers
Movie Man Movie Man
'Up!', and 'The Boss Baby' are Finn's picks to review on Movie Man today!
Interests and HobbiesEnglishRadio Southland
Space Oddities Space Oddities
Mike and Rach host this fortnightly astronomy show, with regular panellist Megan, grilling the adults for info on ‘The Kids Want To Know About Space’! Plus local astronomical events, space history, and the latest news in the space industry!
Interests and HobbiesEnglishRadio Southland
Te ngatahi o te tau, te putanga o te hinu - The Golden Years Te ngatahi o te tau, te putanga o te hinu - The Golden Years
Kiwi Perspectives - Te Reo and English
Interests and HobbiesTe Reo and EnglishRadio Kidnappers
The Book Show The Book Show
Enjoy this weekly half-hour tribute to the written, printed word. Listen for author interviews, news on the latest and up-coming releases, and reviews from our local book fans!
Interests and HobbiesEnglishRadio Southland
The Bridge Zone The Bridge Zone
The show is a platform to talk about Bridge in general - play, results interviews and discussion at all levels of the game.
Interests and HobbiesEnglishFree FM
Travels with Mr Len Travels with Mr Len
Len takes us globetrotting, one adventure at a time...
Interests and HobbiesEnglishPlanet FM