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Bel A'arabee Bel A'arabee
Bel A'arabee is a show in Arabic, aimed at all Arabic speakers and focusing on our local Arabic speaking communities.
Ethnic VoicesArabicFree FM
Bel Arabi Bel Arabi
Listen to the best Arabic songs, and stay up to date with all the local happenings of Wellington.
Ethnic VoicesArabicAccess Radio Wellington
The Abdul-Jabbars - Reza and Silvia The Abdul-Jabbars - Reza and Silvia
Reza and Silvia are the chairs of the Murihiku Islamic Trust (MIT) and they're passionate about showcasing life as Kiwi Muslims, demystifying and breaking barriers down between faiths, and providing the true picture of the Islamic faith within NZ!
Religion and SpiritualityEnglish, ArabicRadio Southland
Unite Against Covid-19 Arabic Language Daily Updates Unite Against Covid-19 Arabic Language Daily Updates
Daily updates on New Zealand's COVID-19 situation as produced by free FM's host of Bel A'arabee radio show and podcast Mayssaa Sheik Al-Ard. These Arabic language updates are based on the daily media briefings from NZ's Prime Minister and senior officials.
Ethnic VoicesArabicFree FM