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Catching up with Community Catching up with Community
From Community Networks Wellington. Keeping communities connected through discussion on local topical issues. Showcasing community groups in Wellington who work tirelessly with our vulnerable people.
CommunityEnglish, Te Reo MāoriAccess Radio Wellington
Irirangi Irirangi
Modern, Māori youth with good vibes and great chats!
MusicTe Reo Māori, EnglishAccess Radio Wellington
Lower Hutt SDA Church Lower Hutt SDA Church
The Holy Ghost will inspire, exhort and empower your life if you choose to follow Jesus Christ.
Religion and SpiritualityEnglish, Māori and Cook Islands MāoriAccess Radio Wellington
M.A.N.A. Radio Show M.A.N.A. Radio Show
M.A.N.A. - Make A Noise Aotearoa. Bringing you weekly updates about all the latest health, community, national, and international kōrero with the Kōrari Māori Public Health Team from Ngā Kete Mātauranga Pounamu Charitable Trust!
Health and FitnessEnglish, MāoriRadio Southland
Mahika Kai Narratives Mahika Kai Narratives
Discussions on traditional and contemporary mahika kai practice
Special InterestEnglish and Te Reo MāoriPlains FM 96.9
Pastors Hour Pastors Hour
Religious words for the Cook Islands Community.
Religion and SpiritualityEnglish, Cook Islands MāoriAccess Radio Wellington
Radio Ivanui Radio Ivanui
Cook Islands and Pacific breakfast programme.
Ethnic VoicesCook Islands Māori Access Radio Wellington
Tiare Māori Tiare Māori
Cook Islands Māori show
Ethnic VoicesCook Islands MāoriAccess Radio Wellington
Ula Su'i Fefiloi Ula Su'i Fefiloi
Ula Su'i Fefiloi is dedicated to entertaining, informing, empowering, and building resilience in the Pasifika and wider community in the Wellington Region.
CommunitySamoan, English, Te Reo MāoriAccess Radio Wellington