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Access Media NZ Programmes

Fa'atauaina o Aiga Fa'atauaina o Aiga
Focus on the Family
Ethnic DiversitySamoanPlains FM 96.9
Fono Faufautua a Samoa i Otago Leitio Fono Faufautua a Samoa i Otago Leitio
Faatalofa atu ile 'au faafofoga, ole tautua lenei ale Fonofaufautua a Samoa i otago. O mea o tutupu i o tatou laufanua faapea o tatou nuu tuaoi i aso Gafua ta'itasi Faafetai
Languages and CulturesSamoanOtago Access Radio
Leo Ole Manawatu Leo Ole Manawatu
Health and other important information for Pasifika communities, in their own languages.
CommunitySamoan Manawatu Peoples Radio
Lupe Fetala'i Lupe Fetala'i
Two hours of Samoan music, events and conversation hosted by Puipuifatu from the Samoan Society Inc.
Languages and CulturesSamoan Otago Access Radio
Lupe o le Talalelei Lupe o le Talalelei
Worship in Samoan
Languages and CulturesSamoanOtago Access Radio
Lupe Sina Lupe Sina
Information, support and entertainment for tina and tamaitai Samoa every fortnight. Hosted by Christine Anesone and Erolia Rooney.
Languages and CulturesSamoan, English Otago Access Radio
O Le Fetu Ao O Le Fetu Ao
Religious words for the Samoan Community.
Religion and SpiritualitySamoanAccess Radio Wellington
Ole Malamalama Ola Ole Malamalama Ola
Samoan Seventh-day Adventist, Porirua.
Religion and SpiritualitySamoanAccess Radio Wellington
Reaching Out Reaching Out
Samoan Seventh-Day Adventist, Porirua.
Religion and SpiritualitySamoanAccess Radio Wellington
Samoa Ala Mai Samoa Ala Mai
A Christian programme to encourage, unite and advise the Samoan community.
Ethnic VoicesSamoanAccess Radio Wellington
Samoa Feso'ota'i Samoa Feso'ota'i
News and information for the Samoan community
Ethnic DiversitySamoanPlains FM 96.9
Soifua Maloloina Soifua Maloloina
Lorenzo helps listeners identify health issues and provides information on where you can go for help. An outreach of the P.I. Health and Welfare group.
HealthSamoan Planet FM
Someone Cares Someone Cares
A faith-based programme for family and community of all ages
Religion and SpiritualityEnglish, Samoan Access Radio Wellington
Ta Talanoa Ta Talanoa
"Ta Talanoa" means "let's talk"in Samoan. It's a show where we have good conversations; where we get to connect with our community and people around us. We can learn so much more from each other through conversations.
Ethnic & CulturalSamoanAccess Radio Taranaki
Tu Ma Tilotilo Tu Ma Tilotilo
Women's health and well-being.
Disability and HealthSamoanAccess Radio Wellington
Two Fat 'Fine Two Fat 'Fine
Unapologetically fat, queer, and proud, hear stories that reflect the diverse tapestry of the Moana Vā community.
Ethnic DiversityEnglish, Cook Islands Māori, Samoan Plains FM 96.9
Ula Su'i Fefiloi Ula Su'i Fefiloi
Ula Su'i Fefiloi is dedicated to entertaining, informing, empowering, and building resilience in the Pasifika and wider community in the Wellington Region.
CommunitySamoan, English, Te Reo MāoriAccess Radio Wellington