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Let's Talk Science - Let's talk plastic! We discuss the UN Plastics Treaty and discover how there has been an estimated 9 billion tonnes of plastic produced globally since 1950 plus some horrifying facts about plastic waste( 0:30:28)       
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Some unfortunate truths about the production of plastic, learn more about plastic in this episode including; • Oil producing countries and companies have vested interest in keeping us in last • Each human may have about one heaped teaspoon of microplastic distributed in their bodies • Recycling only removes a minor proportion of the problem • Ocean gyre – rotating ocean currents – gather floating plastic waste in large aggregations – five globally including the North and South Pacific subtropical gyres. • Plastic comes from land and sea sources: land – dumping in / near water ways which drain into the sea delivers a lot of plastic; plastic used in the ocean (e.g. floats etc) • Plastic is particulated – even as small as 5mm or less – more like a thick soup of particles of plastic • Albatross Chicks choking on marine plastic debris – atoll is 2000 miles away from any mainland. Hence far reach of plastic pollution • Plastic problems for the marine environment – entanglement of birds and mammals and ingestion • Henderson Island in the Pitcairn Group is a remote and uninhabited island, yet the beach is full of plastic refuse
Published: 10/07/2024 12:00:00 p.m.