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The Paleface Parabola

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The Paleface Parabola - 17-04-2024( 1:55:54)       
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Revelation. Inspiration. Dedication. One nation… under a groove. Free your mind and caper 123 will follow. As I yell at inappropriate times, Hookey Do!! We do us on this hour and 58 minutes of genre hopping. Marshall Crenshaw, Roy Brown, Joe Henderson, House of Hamill, The Aggrolites, and the Mystery Man’s moment of glory saves the Wales. As in the band Calan. And wait, there's more! Banter, bluster and blarney and now you, who sit in judgment concerning our to and fro. So prime your ears and post up. We’ve come to bring cheer to every ear and joy to every girl and boy. Cmon everybody, get happy!
Published: 17/04/2024 10:00:00 p.m.