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For the Love of Wine

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For the Love of Wine - Oct 17 2021 - Erica Crawford( 0:30:21)       
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Kirsten is joined by Erica Crawford from Loveblock Wine in Marlborough's Awatere Vallery, a company she founded with her husband - legendary winemaker Kim Crawford. Before establishing LOVEBLOCK, Erica and Kim started "Kim Crawford Wines" in 1996. They had plenty of vision but no money, so they built a "virtual winery" out of the back room of their Auckland home. It was an innovative approach at the time, with Kim buying grapes from contract growers and making wine in leased facilities, allowing them to avoid huge outlays for land, vines and equipment. The company became a huge success especially in the US. Kim and Erica left "Kim Crawford" in 2007, and several years later the organically farmed LOVEBLOCK was a reality. Erica is originally from South Africa and also talks about her background and how she met Kim - her husband and business partner.
Published: 10/13/2021 11:11:22 AM