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April May Gems

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April May Gems - Nov 21 2023 ep11 - Heart Hole of Fatherlessness( 0:34:12)       
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Do you think every one of us human beings on the planet - is a ‘child of God?” Like is it automatic? If we are a human and God created us - then it’s an obvious assumption that we are called “children of God, right?” Or is there another truth that blows that “automatic” status right out of the water? Are we in need of adoption? Do you have a hole in your heart, so to speak, where only the love of a good, kind, listening, providing, healing kind of Daddy can fill? I hope you can be encouraged today to know that it can be and you can be given the right to feel like you belong.
Published: 21/11/2023 9:00:00 p.m.