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Sixties Sensations

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Sixties Sensations-31-01-2023( 1:58:41)       
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60's Sensations is here with the greatest 60's songs you may not have heard, or some that take you back in time! #RadioSouthland #SixtiesMusic #Songs #ClassicSongs #Music #Aotearoa #NewZealand
Published: 31/01/2023 7:00:00 a.m.
Sixties Sensations-24-01-2023( 1:58:15)       
Episode Information
Peter Miller is here to bring us another round of 60's Sensations, the one place in Southland to find all of your favourite (and sometimes unknown) sixties music to swing you back in time! #RadioSouthland #SouthlandRadio #SixtiesMusic #SixtiesSensations #Sixties #Music #Retro #Aotearoa #NewZealand
Published: 24/01/2023 7:00:00 a.m.
Sixties Sensations-17-01-2023( 1:58:17)       
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Good beats, good music, and classic hits; it's all here this week on 60's Sensations! #RadioSouthland #SouthlandRadio #Southland #Radio #Music #SixtiesMusic #Classics #Aotearoa #NewZealand
Published: 17/01/2023 7:00:00 a.m.
Sixties Sensations-10-01-2023( 1:58:3)       
Episode Information
Peter presents a taste of the sixties with the best of sixties music. It's simply sensational!
Published: 10/01/2023 7:00:00 a.m.

Peter hosts this wonderful weekly trip down a musical memory lane as he revisits the vibrant (and sometimes almost forgotten) songs and sounds of the 60s. He shares memories of life in Southland during those years and plays some of his own 60s recreations!

Host: Peter Miller

Produced By: Radio Southland

Language: English

Category: Music

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