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Spiral Radio - Feb 07 20( 0:59:1)       
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Rich Naughton joins Dean to talk about Men's Circles and Groups of heart opening spaces.
Published: 2/11/2020 4:00:00 PM
Spiral Radio - Jan 31 20( 0:58:59)       
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Love Ceremony at Tahuna Beach 2nd Feb 2020
Published: 2/4/2020 2:53:44 PM
Spiral Radio - Jan 24 20( 0:56:36)       
Episode Information
Evolve Festival Week
Published: 1/27/2020 2:09:02 PM
Spiral Radio - Jan 17 20( 0:59:7)       
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Ryans musical Journey
Published: 1/23/2020 1:20:32 PM
Spiral Radio - Jan 10 20( 0:54:32)       
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Music of the 1990 featuring Underworld, St Germain, Black Grape, Bentley Rhythm Ace, Propellorheads, Stereo MCs, Leftfield, Groove Amada.
Published: 1/14/2020 4:25:47 PM
Spiral Radio - Jan 03 20( 0:59:2)       
Episode Information
Dean Campbell looks at the year ahead. Featuring artists Klingande, Paul Oakenfold, Moloko, Black Grape, Dave Mathews, Salmonella Dub, Drax Project, Fat Freddys Drop.
Published: 1/14/2020 4:23:49 PM
Spiral Radio - Dec 27 19( 0:58:52)       
Episode Information
Dean Campbell talks to Renetsu Sparks about Tantra, Ecstatic Presence. Featuring Music from Nahko and Medicine for the People, Fia, Trevor Hall, Xavier Rudd.
Published: 1/14/2020 4:15:30 PM
Spiral Radio - Dec 20 19( 0:59:51)       
Episode Information
Featuring music from The Magician, Stardust, Lee Mvtthews, Sub Focus,Delta Heavy, Culture Shock, Shapeshifter, My Baby, Groove Armada
Published: 12/23/2019 5:29:57 PM
Spiral Radio - Dec 13 19( 0:58:58)       
Episode Information
Dean Campbell is hosting Greer McIntyre talking about Mens health and wellbeing featuring Enigma, Sarah McLachlan, Robert Miles,PNau, St Germaine, The Gaya Tree
Published: 12/16/2019 2:08:04 PM
Spiral Radio - Dec 06 19( 0:59:4)       
Episode Information
Dean Campbell is hosting Rose Aitken talking about Consciousness, life and soul coaching, inspiration, personal growth and development, emotional self mastery and spiritual awareness. Featuring One Voice Childrens Choir, Mazzy Star, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Dave Mathews, The Gaya Tree
Published: 12/9/2019 1:24:56 PM
Spiral Radio - Nov 22 19( 0:59:0)       
Episode Information
Dean Campbell is hosting Jenny Lyn Walker talking about Spiritual Guidance through Being Presence Generator Community Hub featuring Angus and Julia Stone, Moby, Ultra Nate, Flume, Franko Heke and The Gaya Tree
Published: 11/25/2019 1:51:42 PM
Spiral Radio - Nov 15 19( 0:54:28)       
Episode Information
Dean Campbell is talking about Music and the artists thoughts in the song writing process featuring Pink Floyd, George Harrison, Ben Harper, Stereo MCs, Franko Heke and The Gaya Tree.
Published: 11/19/2019 12:54:26 PM

Join host Dean Campbell as he brings you Music, Reviews, Previews and Interviews from the Conscious Communities of Nelson, throughout New Zealand and Overseas

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