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What's Your Why

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What's Your Why - Paige and Mikayla - 29-09-2023( 0:25:36)       
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Paige and Mikayla chat to Julia about their experiences voting. Mikayla is a mum who is speaking for herself and her daughter. Paige is a first time voter this year and shares her thoughts on the process so far.
Published: 29/09/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Sarah V - 22-09-2023( 0:27:20)       
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Sarah teaches self defence by day and nurses by night! Sarah tells Julia all about her busy lifestyle and why she absolutely loves both her nursing career and her self defence instructing role.
Published: 22/09/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Tori and Sarah - 15-09-2023( 0:27:54)       
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Tori and Sarah are studying at Wintec and currently working on a project with the YWCA! Tori and Sarah tell Julia all about their project, what suffrage day is all about and why they are passionate about voting.
Published: 15/09/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Pieta - 08-09-2023( 0:28:21)       
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Pieta tells Julia all about her life as she works to make changes to help climate change and social justice. Plus the work she does in the disability and accessibility areas!
Published: 8/09/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Delwyn - 01-09-2023( 0:28:22)       
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Delwyn has represented New Zealand multiple times in powerlifting. She talks to Julia about her lifestyle and how what she loves about competing!
Published: 1/09/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Georgia - 23-08-2023( 0:27:9)       
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Georgia is a lawyer and owns her own business! She is a mother of two and absolutely smashing all stereotypes of mums can't work.
Published: 25/08/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Katrina - 18-08-2023( 0:28:21)       
Episode Information
Katrina is a Real Estate agent in Hamilton and tells Julia all about her experiences. They talk about the lifestyle, the stereotypes and the motivation Katrina has to stick at it through all the challenges.
Published: 18/08/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Sarah - 11-08-2023( 0:28:7)       
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Sarah's life is all about powerlifting! This sport has been life changing for her and she holds a New Zealand record. She shares with Julia how she got involved and how it changed her life.
Published: 11/08/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Kate - 04-08-2023( 0:27:42)       
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Kate chats to Julia about her story becoming an outdoor pursuits operator! Passion for the young people Kate works with is what keeps her going.
Published: 4/08/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - McKenna - 28-07-2023( 0:27:9)       
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McKenna chats to Julia about her school-work- life balance and why she does all the things she does. From organising events in the environmental space to preparing to study engineering, McKenna is involved in a wide variety of industries.
Published: 28/07/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - 21-07-2023( 0:26:40)       
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Sarah lives with a physical disability but she doesn't let that stop her from doing everything she sets her mind to! Chatting with Sarah made Julia realise how much she takes walking into a new place without much planning for granted. Sarah tells Julia all about her job as a graphic designer and the things she loves in life! Real women. Real talk. Real stories... What's your why?
Published: 21/07/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Pamela - 14-07-2023( 0:28:20)       
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Pamela is the Chair of the Waikato Regional Council and talks to Julia about how she got to where she is today. It all started when she was set up on a blind date 30 years ago! Real women. Real talk. Real stories... What's your why?
Published: 14/07/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
Whats Your Why - Marina - 07-07-2023( 0:27:9)       
Episode Information
Marina grew up in Russia and moved to New Zealand a few years ago. She chats to Julia about how she felt when she first moved and how her love for people and knowledge has flourished in New Zealand.
Published: 7/07/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Cindy - 30-06-2023( 0:28:5)       
Episode Information
YOU ARE ENOUGH! That is the theme of this week’s episod! Years ago Cindy was an international super model, these days she is a mom of two gorgeous kids and a Marketing, Fundraising and Events Coordinator for The Breast Cancer Research Trust. Cindy tells Julia what life was like as an international model, how she ended up in New Zealand and how she loves her life now! Real women. Real talk. Real stories... What's your why?
Published: 30/06/2023 12:00:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Kirstie - 23-06-2023( 0:28:14)       
Episode Information
Kirstie is an incredibly talented makeup artist and explains to Julia what her day looks like as a makeup artist. Did you know that you can create emotion on someone’s face by using a different colour palette? Julia certainly didn’t- listen to this episode to hear all the amazing things that Kirstie does in her career! Real women. Real talk. Real stories... What's your why?
Published: 23/06/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Ashleigh - 16-06-2023( 0:28:6)       
Episode Information
If you hate change, you have to listen to Ashleigh's episode to hear her perspective on change. Ashleigh tells Julia all about how she loves the environment and how her love for change started as a kid.
Published: 16/06/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Ruth - 09-06-2023( 0:28:11)       
Episode Information
You will never find Ruth far away from her cameras! Ruth tells Julia about her journey to where she is today and how she has shared in the most intimate moments of other people’s lives because of her photography business.
Published: 9/06/2023 1:00:00 p.m.
Whats Your Why - Esther - 02-06-2023( 0:28:7)       
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From Kenya to New Zealand, Esther has lived in two very different cultures. Having lived in NZ for a few years Esther tells Julia how her experience with both cultures has shaped who she is today.
Published: 2/06/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Eve - 26-05-2023( 0:28:22)       
Episode Information
Eve has fit a lot of experiences in her 24 years of life! From studying Agriculture, to being on TV to now being a social media manager plus photographer, she has done it all. Hear how all these experiences link back to her love for nature and food!
Published: 26/05/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Claudia - 18-05-2023( 0:26:43)       
Episode Information
Everything colours, patterns and textures! This is how Claudia describes her love for flowers and her job as a florist. Claudia tells Julia all about how she started her business and what she wishes she knew when she first started out.
Published: 18/05/2023 12:53:23 p.m.
What's Your Why - Courtney - 12-05-2023( 0:28:20)       
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Courtney has a huge heart and passion for helping people and is currently studying to be a nurse. Courtney tells Julia how she wants to be the little light in peoples lives when they are receiving medical care, in hopes to change the negative perspective of nurses to a positive one!
Published: 12/05/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Regan - 05-05-2023( 0:27:41)       
Episode Information
Regan is an artist who is inspired by the small details of life, the people who have gone before us and also her Māori culture. She tells Julia all about how she became an artist and why she encourages everyone to follow their dreams even if everyone tells you it is stupid. Real women. Real talk. Real stories... What's your why?
Published: 5/05/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Colette - 28-04-2023( 0:27:12)       
Episode Information
Colette tells Julia all about her love for nature and about her experience running her own Landscape Design business in New Zealand! We also chat about how sometimes looking for your 'why' in life does more harm than good. Colette is all about finding your JOY rather than your why in life!
Published: 28/04/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Kyla - 21-04-2023( 0:27:39)       
Episode Information
Kyla is a performer and songwriter who is full of love for others and sharing her musical gifts! Hear how she pushes herself to keep going even when she feels cringe.
Published: 21/04/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Lillian - 14-04-2023( 0:27:49)       
Episode Information
Lillian embraced her inner detective when she started her research paper on why more women are involved in climate action. Lillian tells Julia all about her report and what it was like leading school climate change strikes at 15 years old.
Published: 14/04/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Hayley - 07-04-2023( 0:27:40)       
Episode Information
Ever wonder how to make your wardrobe more sustainable? Hayley explains how she is taking small steps to make a much more sustainable lifestyle!
Published: 7/04/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Annika - 31-03-2023( 0:28:19)       
Episode Information
Annika tells Julia all about how she combined her passion for meaningful conversations and story telling. It all started when Annika left year 13 early to go study at Wintec.
Published: 31/03/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Mira - 24-03-2023( 0:27:50)       
Episode Information
I have never met a young girl who is more passionate about ethnic representation in leadership than Mira! Hear about all her life experiences that have fuelled her passion and has brought her to where she is today.
Published: 24/03/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Audrey - 17-03-2023( 0:27:40)       
Episode Information
Audrey from Vibe Nation tells Julia all about what Vibe Nation is, why it started and why it is so important!
Published: 17/03/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Peony - 09-03-2023( 0:28:0)       
Episode Information
Peony tells Julia all about her experience studying and working in the IT industry. Peony also talks about her hope that young women in high school will know about all the opportunities out there.
Published: 10/03/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Marie - 03-03-2023( 0:28:21)       
Episode Information
Making small changes to ensure that more people have access to opportunities is what Marie is all about. Hear how she implements this in her career and in her personal life.
Published: 3/03/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Petra - 24-02-2023( 0:28:19)       
Episode Information
Petra is all about community connecting and getting active in whatever way works for them! From being told she shouldn't study sport science to running her own personal training business, she has been on quite a journey.
Published: 24/02/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Nicola - 17-02-2023( 0:27:27)       
Episode Information
Nicola shares with Julia all about her chronic illness and what life is like living with chronic pain almost every day. An inspiring story of keeping going even when life throws you challenges!
Published: 17/02/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Ruby - 10-02-2023( 0:28:16)       
Episode Information
Ruby is so passionate about people, especially when it comes to educating primary school kids. Ruby tells Julia her perspective on how valuable mentoring and community are.
Published: 10/02/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Lisa - 03-02-2023( 0:27:19)       
Episode Information
Working in a male dominated industry as a young woman isn't always easy. Hear Lisa chat about her experiences and advice. Lisa also explains her love for yoga and why it is the best thing ever!
Published: 3/02/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Jeanie - 26-01-2023( 0:27:9)       
Episode Information
Jeanie and Julia chat all about the charities that Jeanie is involved in. Jeanie shares how mental health affected her in high school and how she worked to overcome those barriers.
Published: 26/01/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Julia - 20-01-2023( 0:28:7)       
Episode Information
Real women. Real talk. Real stories... What's your why?
Published: 20/01/2023 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Shinae - 02-12-2022( 0:28:16)       
Episode Information
Shinae tells Julia all about how her why has changed over the years and what it is now! Starting with removing the expectations of what she thought she had to do, to starting a Te Reo language course that changed her perspective on so much!
Published: 2/12/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Pam - 25-11-2022( 0:28:5)       
Episode Information
Real women. Real talk. Real stories... What's your why?
Published: 25/11/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Katie - 18-11-2022( 0:28:1)       
Episode Information
Real women. Real talk. Real stories... What's your why?
Published: 18/11/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Dana - 11-11-2022( 0:26:54)       
Episode Information
Being a Muslim woman in New Zeland isn't always easy. People don't always realise how little they know about the Muslim faith. Dana tells us stories about her expereinces and what she does to stand up for her rights, religion and culture.
Published: 11/11/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Jovi - 04-11-2022( 0:28:0)       
Episode Information
Media and Community! These are Jovi's two biggest passions. It all started with taking a blurry photo of a mini cooper when she was 7 and now she is winning young film maker awards.
Published: 3/11/2022 5:28:52 p.m.
What's Your Why - Amy - 28-10-2022( 0:28:17)       
Episode Information
From sitting in the reception of an electrician company for two hours each day for two weeks until they gave her an apprenticeship, to running her own all female electrician company now. Amy has experienced it all!
Published: 28/10/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - REOSA - 21-10-2022( 0:28:21)       
Episode Information
Two sisters plus their whole team of supporters walking the length of New Zealand to raise awareness for the Ripple Effect Of Sexual Abuse (REOSA). Julia chats to Libby all about REOSA and what it means to her. We talk about how it all started and what keeps her going! Please note that Sexual Abuse is mentioned multiple times in this podcast.
Published: 21/10/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Yasmeen and Saraiah - 14-10-2022( 0:28:7)       
Episode Information
Yasmeen and Saraiah are two gals from Te Awamutu College achieving great things! They share their award winning spoken word that they wrote about Misogyny for the National Council of Women- Hamilton Branch. We hear the why behind the spoken word and hear all about what it is like being in year 9!
Published: 14/10/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Kathy - 07-10-2022( 0:28:16)       
Episode Information
Real women. Real talk. Real stories... What's your why?
Published: 7/10/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Ayvah - 30-09-2022( 0:27:42)       
Episode Information
Ayvah gives us an insight into what life is like in high school. She is such a strong young lady who has been sharing her story about how she overcame a dark time in her life.
Published: 30/09/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Neroli - 22-09-2022( 0:28:7)       
Episode Information
From the highest highs and the lowest lows, Neroli has over come everything in between. She has made it her life mission to tell everyone to speak up - there is help out there! Note: Domestic violence, sexual assault, anxiety and depression are all mentioned in this episode.
Published: 23/09/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Lushomo - 16-09-2022( 0:28:21)       
Episode Information
An inspiration to so many. Lushomo has made it her mission to be the person she needed when she was younger. Hear how Lushomo is making sure the world is a better place for her younger sisters.
Published: 16/09/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Antonia - 09-09-2022( 0:28:20)       
Episode Information
During the pandemic, Antonia discovered her passion for helping women discover the full potential of their small businesses. Hear all about Antonia Creative and some great recommendations.
Published: 9/09/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Aimee - 02-09-2022( 0:28:22)       
Episode Information
Between people getting sick and going on holiday, I didn’t find a new guest to share her story with us this week. Instead listen to Aimee and I doing Buzzfeed quizzes to give ourselves (and hopefully you) a laugh and remind ourselves that life can still be fun, even when nothing goes to plan!
Published: 2/09/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Sarah - 26-08-2022( 0:28:4)       
Episode Information
Sarah is involved in so many things and absolutely thrives in the organised chaos. Have a listen to all the things she is involved in and hear how she makes her mental health her top priority!
Published: 26/08/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Kerryn - 19-08-2022( 0:28:24)       
Episode Information
Kerryns life 10 years ago looks vastly different to her life now. Hear how Kerryn got to where she is today, where she has two beautiful babies and is running a business with her husband.
Published: 19/08/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Boa - 12-08-2022( 0:27:50)       
Episode Information
Boa explains how she moved to NZ to study and how her life has changed since. Through ups and downs, her determination and goal setting got her to where she is today.
Published: 12/08/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Charlotte - 05-08-2022( 0:28:16)       
Episode Information
Charlotte's why is a big part of why she applied to be on the YWCA of Hamilton's board and also the World YWCA board. Things didn't start smoothly, but since then it has flourished into such a unique experience!
Published: 5/08/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Jaydene - 29-07-2022( 0:28:16)       
Episode Information
Jaydene opens up about her experiences living with an eating disorder. She shares how she took the first step on her road to recovery and also how she has changed her relationship with food. If this podcast raises concerns for you, please reach out and talk to someone you trust.
Published: 29/07/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Izzy - 22-07-2022( 0:28:18)       
Episode Information
Izzy tells us all about her life and her new job. She is super passionate about making a difference in the early years of a child’s development. In an ideal world, her job wouldn’t exist, tune in to hear why!
Published: 22/07/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Nat - 15-07-2022( 0:28:21)       
Episode Information
Nat and I chat about what it is like to create space and opportunities for indigenous communities! Is the best part of Nat’s job seeing students take opportunities with both hands or visiting indigenous communities around the world? I will let you decide.
Published: 15/07/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Chloe V - 08-07-2022( 0:27:36)       
Episode Information
Ever wondered what it is like to move countries, get NZ residency or study psychology? Have a listen to this podcast as Chloe talks about her life as a gal who moved to NZ from South Africa in 2019.
Published: 8/07/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Hannah - 01-07-2022( 0:28:21)       
Episode Information
Passionate only begins to describe how Hannah talks about life! In this episode we hear all about her passion for her job in the NZ Police, how she got there and what is next for this incredible young woman.
Published: 1/07/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Kahu - 24-06-2022( 0:28:19)       
Episode Information
Join us for this special Matariki episode! Kahu talks about all things Matariki, explains what every star in the cluster stands for and why she is learning about it
Published: 24/06/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Malia - 17-06-2022( 0:27:28)       
Episode Information
In one of the darkest days of Malia’s life, a brochure in the window of a store sparked the start of her incredible journey. This journey has seen her study overseas, start her own business and create Amplify University. Join us in this episode to hear the inspiring story that has led to where Malia is today. Trigger warning: Suicidal thoughts are mentioned in this podcast.
Published: 17/06/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Aimee - 10-06-2022( 0:28:21)       
Episode Information
We chat to Aimee about all things gaming, Anime and Marvel. Whether you are just as passionate about these as Aimee or you have absolutely no knowledge like I did, there will be something for you. Stay tuned to the end to hear Aimee open up about her why in a beautiful and real way!
Published: 10/06/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Shivali - 03-06-2022( 0:28:5)       
Episode Information
In this feel-good episode, Julia and Aimee join the show to chat all about Shivali’s upcoming OE, life-changing menstrual products, and a whole heap more!
Published: 3/06/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Jahvaya - 27-05-2022( 0:27:52)       
Episode Information
Jahvaya unpacks the colonial history of Hamilton's crest, growing and exploring her authentic self, the importance of communication and whole heap more!
Published: 27/05/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Rana - 20-05-2022( 0:28:9)       
Episode Information
The lovely Rana joins us and we chat about her experiences as an ethnic minority & how she supports rangatahi in kirikiriroa for better outcomes and experiences!
Published: 20/05/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Alex - 13-05-2022( 0:28:14)       
Episode Information
We are joined by Alex/Vulpes—host of podcast Stride with Pride! We chat about amatonormativity, aromanticism and the fluidity of sexuality, gender, romantic and sexual attraction.
Published: 13/05/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Pounamu - 06-05-2022( 0:26:10)       
Episode Information
Pounamu, joins us to chat about their PHENOMENAL art, reclaiming culture, finding their whakapapa and a whole lot more! Pounamu's art blends atua wāhine with a millennial infusion to create some AMAZING prints & merch.
Published: 6/05/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Rosalie - 29-04-2022( 0:28:16)       
Episode Information
We have a legitimate girl boss on today's episode! Rosalie talks about her involvement within the community spaces in Kirikiriroa, her own social enterprise, Mind Box, all while completing year 13! We got so busy talking that we didn't even mention she is running for Hamilton East MP... Worth a listen!
Published: 29/04/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Sukriti - 21-04-2022( 0:28:13)       
Episode Information
Published: 22/04/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Shivali - 15-04-2022( 0:28:21)       
Episode Information
Today I get vulnerable and talk about healing my relationship with men – finding my own self-worth, and embracing not being my best all the time!
Published: 15/04/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Grace - 08-04-2022( 0:27:48)       
Episode Information
Grace and Shivali chat about some of the amazing mahi Grace does! They talk about Earth Diverse, University, taking care of yourself, and some of her crazy cool hobbies!
Published: 8/04/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - 01-04-2022( 0:28:19)       
Episode Information
A special episode with the radiant Nina who is part of the incredible team at Mind the Gap NZ! She chats to us about all things pay gaps: what they are, why they exist, the disproportional pay gaps for our marginalised communities... and HOW WE CAN MAKE SOME POSITIVE CHANGE!
Published: 1/04/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Reshma - 25-03-2022( 0:27:48)       
Episode Information
Join my mum and I as we have a valuable heart-to-heart about some of the most important lessons she has taught me as her daughter! We talk about the downside of success, society's obsession with marriage, victim complexes, and her hot takes about MAFS Australia!
Published: 25/03/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Alexandra - 18-03-2022( 0:28:15)       
Episode Information
Alexandra is a co-founder of project DO LESS — an initiative that asks us to do one less thing a day. She talks to us about how culminative small efforts can create substantive results, sustainable ways of living, ways we can do less and how we don’t have to be perfect!
Published: 18/03/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Georgia - 11-03-2022( 0:28:23)       
Episode Information
WBOP Magic superstar Georgia Tong, chats to us about the importance of holistic wellbeing, dealing with pressure and how hard work and unwavering faith in yourself leads to life changing opportunities!
Published: 11/03/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Gilla - 04-03-2022( 0:28:21)       
Episode Information
Gella shares a snippet of her journey: reframing her life into one that prioritises her wellness and things that honour her soul, her ancestors, and future generations 🌱💗 She talks about indigenous wellbeing, connecting to her whakapapa and using art and Tatuk (tattoo) as a reminder of who she is and where she comes from.
Published: 4/03/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
Whats Your Why - Julia and Shivali - 25-02-22( 0:28:12)       
Episode Information
Today we keep it light-hearted, nostalgic, positive with a side of deep and meaningful! If you are looking for some escape from dreaded c*vid talk this is the episode for you! Real women. Real talk. Real stories... What's your why?
Published: 25/02/2022 9:00:00 a.m.
Whats Your Why - Shuari - 18-02-2022( 0:28:29)       
Episode Information
Shuari is the CEO and founder of @morakamesnstrualcups. She uses her platform to spread education, awareness and empowerment about all aspects of periods.
Published: 18/02/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Chantelle - 11-02-2022( 0:28:36)       
Episode Information
Microvolunteering... Do you know what it is? It is probably one of the coolest things I’ve heard about in a while. Founder of The Microvolunteering Collective, Chantelle, shares all info microvolunteering! She talks about how it breaks down the barriers to traditional volunteering, supports personal and community wellbeing, and how it is serving as a new approach to community action and collective impact.
Published: 11/02/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Chloe - 04-02-2022( 0:28:33)       
Episode Information
While we were all relaxing over the summer, Chloe was doing the mahi on a summer research scholarship for the University of Waikato exploring body positivity in women and gender non-binary individuals. Give this a listen to hear about body positivity, media literacy, and how we can show more love and kindness to ourselves every day.
Published: 4/02/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Hazel - 28-01-2022( 0:28:32)       
Episode Information
Hazel chats ableism, white privilege, systemic racism, and a whole lot more.
Published: 28/01/2022 11:18:46 a.m.
What's Your Why - 21-01-2022( 0:27:42)       
Episode Information
Real women. Real talk. Real stories... What's your why?
Published: 21/01/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Kim - 14-01-2022( 0:28:19)       
Episode Information
Kim Real women. Real talk. Real stories... What's your why?
Published: 14/01/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Hannah - 07-01-2022( 0:27:39)       
Episode Information
Real women. Real talk. Real stories... What's your why?
Published: 7/01/2022 12:30:00 p.m.
What's Your Why - Madiha - 24-12-2021( 0:27:59)       
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As a former refugee, Madiha was denied a formal education for five years. As a result, she helped create an informal refugee-led learning centre which educated over 300 people in her community. She talks privilege, empathy and above all the importance of compassion and kindness. Real women. Real talk. Real stories... What's your why?
Published: 24/12/2021 12:30:00 p.m.

Women are the heart and soul of this world. “What's Your Why" asks women why they do what they do, why they keep persevering despite adversity and why their purpose is meaningful to them. We talk to women from all over the Waikato about their experiences as they share valuable pockets of knowledge they have picked up along the way. This podcast is run by the YWCA Hamilton – an organisation dedicated to empowering, inspiring and elevating women to achieve success in whatever ways that look like to her. We are a community-based organisation in Kirikiriroa and we are here to support women through whatever part of our journey they are on. We hope after listening you remember that we are all beautiful, strong, resilient, and empathetic. Our strength lies in who we are, what we stand for and our ability to relate to one another. Collectively, as self-assured women, we can change the world together.

Host: Julia Roughton

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Language: English

Category: Community

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