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Everyday People

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Everyday People -Josh from Excuse Free Supplements and CityFitness - 17-04-2024( 0:51:1)       
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I have Josh from Excuse Free Supplements and he is also part of the amazing staff at CityFitness NZ here in Masterton!! We will talk about his journey to where he is now, his life and how he got into this fitness world!!
Published: 17/04/2024 11:31:02 a.m.
Everyday People - Pauli and the Low Keys 10-04-2024( 0:44:39)       
Episode Information
Chatting about his music and journey. We review the realise of his new song.
Published: 10/04/2024 10:45:52 a.m.
Everyday People - Ngahina Davi and Amos 03-04-2024( 0:45:57)       
Episode Information
Tane Ora talking about Whaiora programme to support men.
Published: 3/04/2024 11:46:04 a.m.
Everyday People - Wayne Denyer 27-03-2024( 0:48:33)       
Episode Information
Found out how life is for Wayne going from shift worker to house husband, the in-between and how he ended up here in Masterton.
Published: 27/03/2024 10:16:00 a.m.
Everyday People -Jordan from the Barbershop Jordy and Jeff from The Angry Sticks band 21-03-2024( 0:51:32)       
Episode Information
I have Jordan from Barbershop Jordy Carterton coming in chat about what he is up to, big changes coming for his business. And then three members of Jeff and the angry stick will join me to talk music, gigs and loads more.
Published: 21/03/2024 1:16:02 p.m.
Everyday People - Interview with Michael Wilson12-03-2024( 0:54:17)       
Episode Information
Arrow FM Station Manager Michael Wilson talks about the upcoming Media workshop.
Published: 13/03/2024 10:01:03 a.m.
Everyday People - Interview with Tangiwai Haney 05-03-2024( 0:51:4)       
Episode Information
I am joined by my old work mate and good friend Tangiwai Haney, we talk about what part of NZ she has come from to end up here in Masterton and her time on the trains and lots more! It's going to be a goodie!!! I'm going to play another banger from PAULI and the Low Keys and blast some other beats!
Published: 6/03/2024 10:05:07 a.m.
Everyday People - Interview with Kate Roberts - 27-02-2024( 0:46:38)       
Episode Information
We are talking about how coming to New Zealand and the fantastic things she is doing here! From food to markets, it's going to be a great chat!
Published: 28/02/2024 11:36:39 a.m.
Everyday People - Interview with Shan Martin - 20-02-2024( 0:56:42)       
Episode Information
Shan is talking about how his past brought him to his present, recovery and what he's up to these days!
Published: 21/02/2024 11:26:40 a.m.
Everyday People - Uttam Singh Floray 19-02-2024( 0:59:19)       
Episode Information
Interview with Uttam, his journey from his homeland to New Zealand and everything in-between!
Published: 19/02/2024 6:53:41 p.m.
Everyday People - 31-01-2024( 0:31:10)       
Episode Information
Ordinary people and their stories.
Published: 31/01/2024 10:22:39 a.m.
Everyday People - 30-01-2024( 0:4:12)       
Episode Information
Ordinary people and their stories.
Published: 30/01/2024 9:22:10 a.m.

A show about everyday and extraordinary people. There’s music from my eclectic playlist, random thoughts and topics, and interviews. Whats going on in the region, advice and insight on basically anything, chats, and the unexpected .And people. Everyday people. I have a special interest in talking to people who have stories to tell and knowledge to share - everyday people from across the motu.

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