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Annyonghaseyo With Yura

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Annyonghaseyo With Yura - EP 03 Soup & Chopstick culture( 0:23:2)       
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Soup culture - French onion soup recipe; Chopstick culture - Korean chopstick?; What's on Christchurch? | Music: IU - Through the night; Park Hyo Shin - Wild Flower
Published: 5/08/2022 9:00:00 p.m.
Annyonghaseyo With Yura - EP02 July( 0:24:59)       
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Let's talk about soup - Korean soup culture (guk, tang, jjigae, and jeongol); Christchurch event this week and next week | Music: V (BTS) - Christmas Tree, Lim Changjung - Soju Hanjan, Park Hyo Shin - Breath
Published: 22/07/2022 5:22:00 p.m.
Annyonghaseyo With Yura - July ep01 - Winter well-being and where to find Korean books in Christchurch( 0:24:55)       
Episode Information
Let's talk about winter well-being! Where to find Korean books in Christchurch? and What's on Christchurch (events?) | Sunmi - Heartburn, Nayeon - Pop!, Sung Si Kyung - Every moment of you
Published: 8/07/2022 10:01:00 a.m.

Stories, culture, news, and information connecting you to life in New Zealand, for Koreans and Korean-speakers. Say hi to Yura!

Host: Yura
Produced By: Youri Oh
Language: Korean
Category: Ethnic Diversity
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