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Blind Spot

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Blind Spot-24-01-2023( 0:15:10)       
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Blind Low Vision NZ brings us another amazing episode of Blind Spot, this month hosted by Hannah Pascoe with guest Chris Knight from Sports Southland discussing his role as the Disability and Inclusion advisor! #RadioSouthland #SouthlandRadio #Southland #Disability #Inclusion #Advisor #BlindLowVisionNZ #HannahPascoe #BlindSpot #Aotearoa #NewZealand
Published: 24/01/2023 7:00:00 a.m.
Blind Spot-04-10-2022( 0:14:19)       
Episode Information
Carolyn from Blind Low Vision NZ is back again with an amazing interview! Find out about the manuhiri, what they do, where they're from, and all the updates by tuning in! #RadioSouthland #SouthlandRadio #BlindLowVisionNZ #Aotearoa #NewZealand
Published: 4/10/2022 7:00:00 a.m.
Blind Spot-23-08-2022( 0:14:45)       
Episode Information
Carolyn, from Blind Low Vision NZ, has guest Francesca in to discuss her life with a newly blind husband; as well as Blind Low Vision NZ updates! #RadioSouthland #SouthlandRadio #BlindLowVisionNZ #Aotearoa #NewZealand
Published: 23/08/2022 7:00:00 a.m.
Blind Spot-26-07-2022( 0:12:39)       
Episode Information
Southlands own athlete, Hannah Pascoe, presents 'Blind Spot' this week with a familiar face from Invercargill City Libraries and Archives - and discusses their role, as well as what is accessible down at the library! #RadioSouthland #SouthlandRadio #BlindSpot #HannahPascoe #Athlete #ICC #InvercargillCityLibraries #AccessibleSouthland
Published: 25/07/2022 7:00:00 a.m.
Blind Spot-21-06-2022( 0:14:35)       
Episode Information
Carolyn has an on the phone guest, Jamie, who answers questions about Blind and Low Vision business owners and how he and his team assist them on continuing to operate! She also let's us know of some upcoming events and talks about 20yrs of Blind Spot! Join her to hear more! #RadioSouthland #BlindAndLowVisionNZ #BlindSpot #Aotearoa #NewZealand
Published: 21/06/2022 7:00:00 a.m.
Blind Spot-31-05-2022( 0:13:11)       
Episode Information
This week the tables have turned - Caroline puts Hannah Pascoe in the hot seat and chats about training, competition and how she did in the Belgium cycle races. #RadioSouthland #Athlete #Paralympics #Aotearoa #NewZealand
Published: 31/05/2022 7:00:00 a.m.
Blind Spot-19-04-2022( 0:16:4)       
Episode Information
Hannah catches up with Carolyn on April's Blind Spot - she's out of hospital, at home, and tells us about her experience after her accident & in hospital, as a seriously injured person with low vision.
Published: 19/04/2022 7:00:00 a.m.
Blind Spot-22-03-2022( 0:14:49)       
Episode Information
Hannah talk to Helen on Blind Spot today, who has recently moved into a retirement village townhouse, about what it's like to transition from a big home to a village setting, especially with low vision!
Published: 22/03/2022 7:00:00 a.m.
Blind Spot-22-02-2022( 0:15:20)       
Episode Information
Hannah Pascoe talks to Anna from Macular Degeneration NZ about what Macular Degeneration is, how it affects your sight, and what treatment options there are on Blind Spot this month!
Published: 22/02/2022 7:00:00 a.m.

Monthly information on issues for blind and vision impaired people. Produced by the Association of Blind Citizens of NZ – Southland Branch (ABC), a blind consumer organization established by blind people in 1945. Sponsored by South City Pharmacy.

Host: The Association of Blind Citizens

Produced By: Radio Southland

Language: English

Category: Community

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