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Indian Mums on Air

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Indian Mums on Air-08-05-2020 Coping with children at home under Covid 19 ( 0:22:55)       
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The mums chat about Coping with children at home under Covid 19
Published: 5/8/2020 9:09:51 AM
Indian Mums on Air-02-03-2020 - Working Mums( 0:23:28)       
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Working Mums
Published: 3/4/2020 11:15:00 AM
Indian Mums on Air-13-01-2020 Climate change and recycling ( 0:26:34)       
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The mums talk about climate change and recycling
Published: 2/10/2020 2:25:00 PM
Indian Mums On Air - Introducing the Mums( 0:25:11)       
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Published: 6/13/2018 5:45:18 PM

The Indian Mums Group meets weekly at the Heretaunga Women's Centre, sharing experiences and supporting each other to reach personal goals

Host: Sonam and Madhu
Produced By: Radio Kidnappers
Language: English
Category: Ethnic Voices
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