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Blockbuster Backrooms-14-04-2021 Episode 13( 1:7:51)       
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Join Me and Meshach as we go off about 2020's The Hunt.
Published: 4/14/2021 9:00:00 PM
Blockbuster Backrooms-07-04-2021 Episode 12( 0:32:22)       
Episode Information
Join me as we take a look at 2019's Assimilate. A rather soft spook I'd say you could watch with the whole family.
Published: 4/7/2021 9:00:00 PM
Blockbuster Backrooms-31-03-2021 Episode 11( 0:58:56)       
Episode Information
Join Meshach and me as we pop off about 2018's Mandy! A wild ride with beautiful visuals.
Published: 3/31/2021 9:00:00 PM
Blockbuster Backrooms-24-03-2021 Episode 10( 0:30:30)       
Episode Information
Hey hey! Join me as we take a look at 'Isolation'. A 2005 Irish horror! We take a ride down the lane of genetic experiments gone wrong, and it's a pretty fun time!
Published: 3/24/2021 9:00:00 PM
Blockbuster Backrooms-17-03-2021 Episode 9( 0:51:56)       
Episode Information
Hey hey! This episode of Blockbuster Backrooms is a lil' bit special as Fabrizzo joins me to talk about 2016's Viral and 2003's Wrong Turn. Join us as we pop off about the movies and get a lil bit off topic!
Published: 3/17/2021 9:00:00 PM
Blockbuster Backrooms-10-03-2021 Episode 8( 0:32:57)       
Episode Information
Hey there everyone! Tonight we take a look at 1999's Blood Dolls. A film with a whole lotta something, but also a whole lotta nothing! Being a straight to video film, its pretty much been lost to time. So lets take a look at it together yea?
Published: 3/10/2021 9:00:00 PM
Blockbuster Backrooms-03-03-2021 Episode 7( 0:48:1)       
Episode Information
Hey hey! Tonight imma talk about the 2015 film Knock Knock. A film that I really got some opinions about. So let's dive in together shall we?
Published: 3/3/2021 9:00:00 PM
Blockbuster Backrooms-24-02-2021 Episode 6( 0:37:49)       
Episode Information
Hey all! On this episode we take a look at 2016's Incarnate, a movie I feel has been kinda forgotten and lost to time already. Take a trip with me as we decide wither or not it deserved to be forgotten!
Published: 2/24/2021 9:00:00 PM
Blockbuster Backrooms-17-02-2021 Episode 5( 0:45:31)       
Episode Information
Hey hey! On today's episode of Blockbuster Backrooms we take a look at The Ruins, a 2008 horror based on a novel of the same name, and a movie that holds a little bit of nostalgia for me. So join me, as we walk through the events and decide if the movies actually good or not!
Published: 2/17/2021 9:00:00 PM
Blockbuster Backrooms-10-02-2021 Episode 4( 0:41:19)       
Episode Information
Tonight we take a look at a 2015 film - The Devils Candy. I love this film a lot and there's so much to unpack! So settle in, curl up, and relax - as we take a look at what makes this movie so enjoyable.
Published: 2/10/2021 9:00:00 PM
Blockbuster Backrooms-03-02-2021 Episode 3( 0:34:50)       
Episode Information
Hey there dudes! Today we're takin' a look at The Girl On The 3rd Floor. It's a 2019 horror film that I have some real opinions about, so listen to me pop off as we take a lil' walk-through of the film!
Published: 2/3/2021 9:00:00 PM
Blockbuster Backrooms-27-01-2021 Episode 2( 0:22:0)       
Episode Information
Hey hey! Todays episode we take a look into the 2017 film Stephanie, a movie I actually really quite enjoy - so lets take a look at why!
Published: 1/27/2021 9:00:00 PM
Blockbuster Backrooms-20-01-2021 Episode 1( 0:24:10)       
Episode Information
Holla! We dive into the movie A Dark Song and enjoy getting real judgy about characters, and see if the overall movie is something you'd enjoy!
Published: 1/20/2021 9:00:00 PM

Join me, Serena, as we walk through different horror movies and take a look at characters, scenes, and the overall enjoy-ability of the film!

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