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April May Gems - Jun 18 2024 ep26 - The not so UNSUNG HERO( 0:29:22)       
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Recorded on location in Christchurch for “4K&C’s The Homecoming Tour” on my birthday, asking the questions – Do you enjoy your birthday? Do you feel worthy of the honour, deserving of the special attention and the presents? What do you see when you look in the mirror? Have you felt like you’re just smiling your way through but inside you’re, just, sad? I know how that feels. It’s the weirdest thing because you ought to be feeling happy but you’re not and it feels so awkward to keep up the pretending. You feel like a big faker and you don’t even know why you’re feeling the opposite of how you ought to be feeling. And then you feel bad, about that! Well, there’s someone to turn to. Someone who knows you on the inside – the real you. Someone who knows why you’re feeling, the way you are. Someone who sees you like a rose in bloom, dressed in white and all your wrongs, made right. That someone is the ultimate, not-so-UNSUNG HERO.
Published: 18/06/2024 8:00:00 p.m.
April May Gems - Jun 04 2024 ep25 - World Ocean Day - Feel like you're drowning?( 0:30:16)       
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Did you know … that there is such a thing as World Ocean Day? I think some days are worth commemorating and, on that note, what on earth is an Ebeneezer? I admit, I had to look it up! And well, I think I could build a whole heap of them, because although I have been through some scary, crashing, ocean-wave like circumstances that have made me feel like I’m drowning, with burdens so heavy upon me I have said, “Yep, here goes, I’m about to go under,” and I’ve also had more than my fair share of ‘fiery trials’ in life, those ‘Ebeneezer’s’ have been what’s pulled me up - and out - and made me victorious, through every one of those situations, every single time. Join me today as I seek to encourage you to take the hand that’s on offer, seek the face that speaks instruction and take steps to overcome your fears. May every Ebeneezer speak of where our help comes from.
Published: 6/06/2024 6:51:24 p.m.
April May Gems - May 21 2024 ep24 - Supernatural - A lesson via an Extra Terrestrial( 0:30:2)       
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It dawned on me some time ago that we humans have this weird kind of obsession with aliens. Do you agree? One of my most favourite movies - that still stands today as an all-time favourite, is the iconic Stephen Spielberg classic. ET. Well, one day, that supernatural extra terrestrial was used to impact my life forever. My hope is, as I share this story, it might impact your life too. Speaking of supernatural, to paraphrase some lyrics from a song I play on this episode, by DC TALK – “This world can be a tortured place to be. There are so many things to torment us while we stumble down this road, that takes its toll. Seems no human hand or cosmic force or magic brew can pull us through BUT, beyond this physical terrain there’s an invisible domain, where angels battle over souls and there is a someOne who is watching and telling us, all-is-well. There is no denying that He’s super natural, His power can be felt. He’s coming. He’s not so far away."
Published: 23/05/2024 1:45:00 p.m.
April May Gems - May 07 2024 ep23 - Calls for Psalm 23( 0:31:43)       
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Just imagine if a King, the richest and wisest one ever, wrote a song, especially for you - because in it, He wanted to remind you that if you want, you can have all of this… A close, personal relationship, offering contentment and continual supply. Rest, refreshment and restoration, for your soul. Wisdom, from a guide who will never leave your side. Purpose, protection and faithfulness. Correction when you slide and comfort when you cry. Hope, blessing, abundance and favour. As well as safety and security, for all eternity… Well, one did! Lets take a peek at this very popular song, recorded in a ‘little book’ inside the ‘Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.’ It is of course, King David's "The 23rd Psalm," and this, is April May Gems' "23rd episode!" -Enjoy.
Published: 7/05/2024 8:00:00 p.m.
April May Gems - Apr 23 2024 ep22 - Care for Your Puzzled Heart( 0:30:15)       
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There once was a baby, named Anna Grace. She had beautiful eyes and a pretty face. Surely she’d grow up to dance and sing…But instead, she did a different thing. She died… Contrary to popular belief, time, in my opinion, really does not heal. No way! I believe it takes a much greater force to be truly, completely, healed - especially from the soul crushing kind of pain, like grief, caused by the death of a loved one, or even by something that just didn’t work out as we’d hoped - maybe even a disappointment that happened a long time ago but the grief still feels as raw today as the day it happened – (or didn’t happen!) Sometimes the whys and why nots truly leave our hearts puzzled. Perhaps you think it’s too late, like the one who sits ‘over there’ with their head in their hands - because of the mess life made of their best laid out plans. They want to shake their fists and blame “the man upstairs” but it wont change anything because what’s done is done! Be encouraged, don't blame... run! (to Him, not away.) He has a plan so much bigger than ours. Give it up and give it all over so He can take that broken thing and turn it into something different. April May, author and founder of April May Gems and mother of five, is passionate about sharing her stories to encourage and inspire others and to restore hearts that are in need of hope.
Published: 23/04/2024 8:00:00 p.m.
April May Gems - Apr 10 2024 ep21 - Love it? Dream it? Do it!( 0:29:20)       
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I love seeing people who are depleted of hope, poor, or feel like their past is determining their future, be encouraged and then do great things - things they intrinsically love to do - once they have … HOPE! Receive hope today and begin to dream about doing what you love to do. What even is that thing you love to do? Can you even remember? I believe there is something you were born to do, created to do, called by God, perhaps even personally chosen, to do, and so often it’s quite simply that same thing that you did, and loved to do, naturally, when you were very young. I think it’s important for us to remember – what that was, so we can do it again. Then, we can love, what we do, right now! Why? Because, it’s fulfilling. And… its impacting! My hope in this episode, is to remind you just what it is, that you love to do, (if, somewhere along the line of life, you forgot what it was) and then, encourage you…to do it. And if you think your past, your age, or your inadequacies disqualify you… I hope I encourage you to think again and realise, you’re actually in really good company!
Published: 10/04/2024 9:15:00 a.m.
April May Gems - Mar 26 2024 ep20 - Easter( 0:34:48)       
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So, I’m at a party, and an old friend yells out to me, “Hey sis, tell everyone about that story. You know the one - when that mate of yours took that bullet for you that time, and how, ever since that day, you try and live your life in a way that honours him, coz of what he did for ya! Yer, tell ‘em that story sis…” I mean, seriously, how difficult would that be? Well, I shall try. Even though at times, I know I have been - the thorn in his crown, the sweat from his brow, the nail in his wrist and Judas’s kiss. The one who yelled out from the crowd, for his blood to be spilled on this earth-shaking ground. Yep, I turned away with a smile on my face, tried to bury His grace… but alone in the night I still called out for Him … yet, He loves me anyway. How about you? Do you know that you can have your eggs AND the true gift of EASTER too?
Published: 26/03/2024 8:00:00 p.m.
April May Gems - Mar 12 2024 ep19 - Seasons of Life( 0:32:43)       
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There are a lot of seasons IN life that are circumstantial. For example, we can go through a season of grief when we lose a loved one, a season of lack when we lose a source of income or even a season of ‘what the heck is going on in my life’ when we ourselves have made some ‘unwise choices’ - but then there are also the Seasons OF life that every person goes through that are deemed ‘normal’ - bound to happen at some time and although that’s true and ‘everybody goes through this,’ they can often hit you like a brick! Today, let me help you gain a whole new perspective, a lesson learned from the little blue boathouse, the most Instagrammed spot in Perth. Be encouraged. You are seen. It just might not be the same as you see yourself. April May, author and founder of April May Gems and mother of five, is passionate about sharing her stories to encourage and inspire others and to restore hearts that are in need of hope.
Published: 12/03/2024 8:00:00 p.m.
April May Gems - Feb 27 2024 ep18 - Heaven, is it for Real?( 0:32:59)       
Episode Information
Have you ever really thought about Heaven much? I mean, is it for real? Do you think that on the day you rock up to God, He'll be there sitting on a throne asking you if you've been a good boy or girl? Is God really a 'Santa Claus' kinda guy? Like, being good gets you the rewarded harp-on-a cloud life and bad sends you off into another direction...? Is Heaven a place of no tears and no sorrow? Does God care about the tears we cry now? Where do our tears go? Perhaps Heaven is like rain on a tin roof, washing away all our sorrows? After attending more than 15 funerals in my adult life I like to have hope that yes, Heaven absolutely is, for real.
Published: 27/02/2024 8:00:00 p.m.
April May Gems - Feb 13 2024 ep17 - What is Love - LOVE is a Who ( 0:34:39)       
Episode Information
Are you loved? Unconditionally? Do you even feel worthy of love? Do you feel valued? Or valuable? Do you feel like you even matter? Does your life even have purpose? Do you fall short? Are you missing the mark? Come and catch a three-letter truth bomb in this episode, that could change your life forever. Open your heart to receive unconditional, unlimited, unreserved , unrestricted, undiluted... love. Not from St Valentine and not from the smell-less little ' Encyclopedia Brittanica' in my hot little hand (better known as Wikipedia) but from the most stolen book of all time - I know because I work in a motel! Do you matter? Yes, you do. You absolutely do. You absolutely matter. You have a purpose. You are valued, you are valuable & You ARE loved.
Published: 13/02/2024 8:00:00 p.m.
April May Gems - Jan 30 2024 ep16 - Listen and Be Free( 0:30:7)       
Episode Information
Lets talk about that dreaded mound known as the floordrobe! You know what that is right? It’s the wrinkly tshirt’s waiting, ‘laundry limbo’ cry-corner, because it's too grubby for the cupboard & too clean for the machine. What do you do? Do you wash? Do you fold? And have you ever asked yourself why you do what you do? Let’s talk even deeper. Are there things in your life – even basic, small annoying things that you feel like you just have to do, things that internally frustrate you? Or things that you compulsively obsess over and just want to be free of? Maybe they are silly little things, things no one would know about, things you daren’t even discuss because they are just too…weird?! Maybe they are strong, obsessive, compulsive disorders in your life or even….addictions. These things are bigger - but they’re not too hard for God to set you free from. Could there be deep reasons as to why we do certain things? Lets talk about really letting go of the root issues so we can truly be free and no longer be bound to acting certain ways or doing certain things because they are deeply rooted in us. Can I encourage you to talk to God? Then LISTEN, AND BE FREE!
Published: 30/01/2024 8:00:00 p.m.
April May Gems - Jan 16 2023 ep15 - When Life Hands You Lemons You Can Still Choose to Pick Strawberrys( 0:35:21)       
Episode Information
April May, author and founder of April May Gems and mother of five, is passionate about sharing her stories to encourage and inspire others and to restore hearts that are in need of hope. This episode's guests are Elizabeth Marie and Shane. Life truly hands out lemons sometimes and it especially did for many of us during the time Covid slammed into our lives, like a very unwelcome slap in the face! Pre Covid, I was working in a school, loving my job & suddenly I found myself unemployed, with no income at all. I ended up starting a hope importation business and hosting a radio show (my post Covid choice of strawberry!) Elizabeth Marie chose to pick some strawberries from the artistic patch too, when life, as she knew it, handed her a big fat Covid lemon! What about you? Do you need some courage to move on after life has handed you a lemon? Is it time for a wander over to the strawberry patch? Time to pick up a dead dream? Or even a new skill? Is it ever too late? Are we ever too old? Is a desire to do something radically different with our lives, like joining a band…even an option for us? Be encouraged - When life hands you lemons you CAN still choose to pick strawberry’s, just like my guest, local singer/songwriter/band member and now 5 times published author Elizabeth Marie did.
Published: 16/01/2024 8:00:00 p.m.
April May Gems - Jan 02 2024 ep14 - New Year Old Habits( 0:31:29)       
Episode Information
You know those very well-intended but so often disappointingly epic failures known as - "New Years Resolutions," where we promise ourselves to eat healthier or exercise more or spend more time on things that really matter? Well, what about when we want to kick a bad habit, that, if we're willing to admit it, is actually more than just a bad habit, rather, it’s an addiction! Now that’s on a whole other level when it comes to thinking about just kicking it out of your life! Sometimes it will take a whole lot more than just self-will-power (or won’t-power!) Be encouraged, there is hope and help available, from a much higher power!
Published: 2/01/2024 8:30:00 p.m.
April May Gems - Dec 19 2023 ep13 - What is The Reason for the Season Anyway pt2( 0:28:53)       
Episode Information
What is the reason for the season anyway? (part two) with Joy! What does God think about someone who is feeling sad at Christmas time? I mean, do you think because its Christmas time, He expects us to be happy? I mean, it’s CHRIST-MAS right? Join me and my local YWAM’er guest and talented singer/songwriter, Joy!) to find out answers to questions like this, as together, we look up, see the stars, feel valued and dance upon those waves.
Published: 19/12/2023 8:30:00 p.m.
April May Gems - Dec 05 2023 ep12 - What is The Reason for the Season Anyway pt1( 0:26:57)       
Episode Information
What is the reason for the season anyway? (part one) with Joy! It's amazing what a name can mean to us. A pet name, a nick name, a title, like Sir, Your Honour, His Majesty, Daddy, Grandma, Buddy, Honey…it can tell us a lot about a person, what they mean to us and what kind of authority they have (who they know and what they can do for us!) During this ‘season’ of Christmas time, is there really any ‘reason’…to hope in any name at all? Join me and my very special singer songwriter guest (whose name is actually Joy!) to find out just what’s in a name and sing along with this local, talented YWAM’er.
Published: 5/12/2023 8:00:00 p.m.
April May Gems - Nov 21 2023 ep11 - Heart Hole of Fatherlessness( 0:34:12)       
Episode Information
Do you think every one of us human beings on the planet - is a ‘child of God?” Like is it automatic? If we are a human and God created us - then it’s an obvious assumption that we are called “children of God, right?” Or is there another truth that blows that “automatic” status right out of the water? Are we in need of adoption? Do you have a hole in your heart, so to speak, where only the love of a good, kind, listening, providing, healing kind of Daddy can fill? I hope you can be encouraged today to know that it can be and you can be given the right to feel like you belong.
Published: 21/11/2023 9:00:00 p.m.
April May Gems - Nov 07 2023 ep10 - Droopy tulips( 0:31:30)       
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Do you ever feel like a wilted flower with no water in sight, like a droopy tulip? Tulips are beautiful when they’re standing tall in rich soil but cut one and stick it into a plastic cup with no water and soon enough, you’ll see it droop - lonely and downcast from its stem to its petals. Sound familiar? Be encouraged and get some refreshing life-giving water into your thirsty soul. If your heart has been hurt by some deep-cutting life circumstances, be still and allow yourself to receive a bit of a soothing bath from the One who created it and can heal it. Just a bit of the right kind of water can uplift a droopy tulip. True for tulips. True for us.
Published: 8/11/2023 1:39:40 p.m.
April May Gems - Oct 24 2023 ep09 - Beyond the Clouds( 0:34:22)       
Episode Information
BEYOND THE CLOUDS - This is not like other stories about aliens, I promise! But what if a warm golden light shone down on you from the heavens above and you started to float, up, up and away? What would you do? What would you do when you "woke up?" Would you question if you were even asleep at all? What is the antidote for fear? I'll tell you, from my experience - it's LOVE.
Published: 25/10/2023 12:00:00 p.m.
April May Gems - Oct 10 2023 ep08 - The Wounded One( 0:31:37)       
Episode Information
Do you feel like you’re in a battle zone of some sort and just need someone to come and help? Someone to come and put you on a stretcher and save you, give you some respite, some tender love and care. Or is there someone else you know that might feel like a bit of a battered soldier? I want to share with you, that recovery from the devastation of disappointment is possible. This is my story. What’s your story? If you’re feeling like you’re just done, please know that this chapter is not the end of your story and that you’re not alone. There is hope for you.
Published: 11/10/2023 4:45:00 p.m.
April May Gems - Sep 26 2023 ep07 - What's in Your Hand( 0:30:40)       
Episode Information
What do you do and what do you have that can make a difference in the world, a difference to someone, a difference to you, even? I have a toilet brush and you might be surprised to hear what I do with it! You might also be surprised to hear what I did with a biscuit and some blackcurrant juice and the incredible impact these had on another person. We all have something in our hand that we can use for the benefit of another, or perhaps its not in your hand - perhaps its on your face, adorned around your neck or on the menu of your nearest take-away shop! Be encouraged to reach out, whether it is to give, or to receive...
Published: 26/09/2023 8:00:00 p.m.
April May Gems - Sep 12 2023 ep06( 0:31:49)       
Episode Information
EPISODE 6 - ARE YOU GOOD ENOUGH? - Do you feel like you’re not good enough? Do you feel like you don’t measure up? Well I’d like to ask you, who are you measuring yourself up to? Who is your measuring stick? Who do you listen to? Who gets to say? Could it be that words have been spoken over you – that have embedded into your heart - like a lie? That you believe? I can tell you, that’s what happened to me. Let's be honest, we want the praise of people. We want every single person to like us, validate us, tell us we're just the best. But the truth is, we know that’s not completely true. However, it can be true! Be encouraged - being the best, is to be YOUR best - and that is good enough!
Published: 13/09/2023 5:50:50 p.m.
April May Gems - Aug 29 2023 ep05 - Angels are for Real( 0:24:1)       
Episode Information
ANGELS ARE FOR REAL - I'm not talking about the nice, sweet people that you know, that you call angels or the little cherub knick-knacks that you might see on Granny's mantlepiece or the little stone fat babies with wings in Aunty's garden. I'm talking about real Angels and the very real and life changing encounters with them. Big ones that are on assignment to help mankind and ones that take the form of human beings to help us out - without, freaking us out! Be encouraged to believe, pray and receive whatever miracle it is, that you need? April May Gems is a radio show and podcast first aired on Fresh FM, Radio by, for, and about Te Tauihu, The Top of the South. A member of the Community Access Media Alliance Aotearoa/New Zealand. Supported by NZ on Air. freshfm.net and FreshFM.NZ on Facebook
Published: 29/08/2023 8:00:00 p.m.
April May Gems - Aug 15 2023 ep04( 0:16:48)       
Episode Information
EPISODE 4 - WHY OH WHY WAS I GIVEN THIS CHILD? Is there someone you need patience for or perhaps you are in need of divine wisdom to know how to deal with them? Be encouraged to hang in there, stay the course, trust. I believe that not only is there is light at the end of the tunnel but that you don’t have to walk through tunnels by yourself. There is a hand that is outstretched, to every single one of us. We just need to grasp it.
Published: 17/08/2023 2:01:25 p.m.
April May Gems - Aug 01 2023 ep03( 0:17:32)       
Episode Information
EPISODE 3 - DO ROSE BUSHES HAVE THORNS OR DO THORN BUSHES HAVE ROSES? We can complain that rose bushes have thorns or we can rejoice that thorn bushes have roses. Instead of adding fuel to fires, be the water sprinkler. Be encouraged to ask questions that ignite positive answers. There is so much negativity in the world. We can make a difference. We can bring the change.
Published: 1/08/2023 8:00:00 p.m.
April May Gems - Jul 18 2023 ep02( 0:15:45)       
Episode Information
THERE CAN BE PURPOSE IN THE PAIN. Sometimes, things can be so devastating that you wonder if you will ever hope or dream or plan or trust again. Sometimes, the disappointment can be soul crushing and the sadness can drape over you like a dark heavy cloak that you cant (or don't want to) take off. Sometimes, anger smoulders deep on the inside of you, ready to erupt at any moment. Sometimes, hope to believe for anything good ever again, seems impossible...I know, I've been there. We live in a world where bad things happen - but those same things can be turned around and used for good, even for the good of others...
Published: 18/07/2023 11:49:46 p.m.
April May Gems - Jul 04 2023 ep01( 0:23:13)       
Episode Information
Episode 1 When things don't go to plan, as you had hoped they would, be encouraged that things will work out okay, sometimes even for the better...even if it takes time - for me, it was thirty years! So, dream, hope, live...
Published: 4/07/2023 8:00:00 p.m.

April May, author and founder of April May Gems and mother of five, is passionate about sharing her stories to encourage and inspire others and to restore hearts that are in need of hope.

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