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Manawatu Conversations 21-09-2021 - Episode 175( 0:27:50)       
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Richard Mildon, Part 4 of 4. Moving up to a .22 rifle. Shooting in the cadets at school. Cadets week. Cadet activities. NZ national service. In Freyberg High School shooting team. Using .303 rifles. Firing a Bren gun. Types of vegetables, meals. Hogget. Cooking meat. Types of vegetables grown at home. First pork. Chicken. Radio and television. Radio important, various programmes, Life with Dexter. American and English programmes.
Published: 9/21/2021 3:00:00 PM
Manawatu Conversations 14-09-2021 - Episode 174( 0:27:7)       
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Richard Mildon, Part 3 of 4. As child on a sheep farm, participating in docking. Enjoying open spaces, dipping sheep with a plunge dip. Using guns (air rifle, .22). Duck shooting, filling a lagoon to attract the ducks. Learning to shoot. Shooting first rabbit. Cubs and Boy Scouts. Pat Snoxell and Scout Gang Shows. Scout camps. Long trousers for Venture Scouts and school. Narrower trousers and ties. Desert boots. Vegetables, homegrown and bought. South African oranges.
Published: 9/14/2021 3:00:00 PM
Manawatu Conversations 07-09-2021 - Episode 173( 0:36:12)       
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Richard Mildon, Part 2 of 4. Book, 100 years of Kairanga School, for 1989. Interest in old things, stamp and coin collecting, vintage cars. School history information, activities. Pre-European history of the Manawatu. Evidence and the received wisdom differ. The Manawatu Block. Scandinavian migrants. Foxton, railway development from Wellington. The Square. Origin of Feilding. Use of agricultural land, lifestyle blocks. Perception of changes over past 75 years. Landscape and windfarms.
Published: 9/7/2021 3:00:00 PM
Manawatu Conversations 31-08-2021 - Episode 172( 0:34:1)       
Episode Information
Richard Mildon, Part 1 of 4. Great-grandfather and family (6 children) came to a farm at Kairanga in 1894. 3rd owner, but still much work needed. Had been a teacher in the UK. Good farming land, but many stumps and swampy. Cold, damp homestead. Grandfather became a good farmer. Homestead improved and owned by family until sold a year ago. Changed character of Kairanga. Growing up on a sheep farm. Pet lambs. Growing vegetables. Holidays. A Dutch migrant. Saw Queen twice in 1953. May holidays away. Few ideas of future working life, knew little about farming. Read a lot. Meccano, toy trains. Teaching engineering.
Published: 8/31/2021 3:00:00 PM
Manawatu Conversations 24-08-2021 - Episode 171a( 0:27:50)       
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Robin Coleman and Jackie Sayers, part 4 of 4. Worked as a social worker from 1980. Early days of university-qualified social workers. 4 year degree with placements. Maori studies. Maori Club at Massey University. New Zealand history, differing perspectives. Nature of social work. Youth institutions. Working with communities. Publication, Highbury Whanau: The Early Years, and the Highbury Whanau Centre. 1985 to hospital as student unit supervisor for student placements in community health. Funding cut after 4 years. Retirement age raised to 65. Into private practice, worked until 79.
Published: 8/24/2021 3:00:00 PM
Manawatu Conversations 17-08-2021 - Episode 171( 0:30:38)       
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Robin Coleman and Jackie Sayers, part 4 of 4. Worked as a social worker from 1980. Early days of university-qualified social workers. 4 year degree with placements. Maori studies. Maori Club at Massey University. New Zealand history, differing perspectives. Nature of social work. Youth institutions. Working with communities. Publication, Highbury Whanau: The Early Years, and the Highbury Whanau Centre. 1985 to hospital as student unit supervisor for student placements in community health. Funding cut after 4 years. Retirement age raised to 65. Into private practice, worked until 79. [Volunteering with English language partners.]
Published: 8/17/2021 3:00:00 PM
Manawatu Conversations 10-08-2021 - Episode 170( 0:27:50)       
Episode Information
Robin Coleman and Jackie Sayers, part 3 of 4. NZ growing seasons compared to Cornwall. Gardening in NZ. Jackie’s first home in NZ, a batch in Muriwai, lifestyle, 6 o’clock swill. NZ pubs in the 1960s, not like in UK. A NZ dance. Robin’s NZ social life, seeing children in bare feet. Jackie’s children changed school often until settled in Feilding in 1973. Robin came in 1963, more linked to Palmerston North. Jackie’s husband became a school teacher and she went to university as a mature internal student. Learning to study. 7 years as an undergraduate (2 degrees, history and then social work).
Published: 8/10/2021 3:00:00 PM
Manawatu Conversations 03-08-2021 - Episode 169( 0:27:50)       
Episode Information
Robin Coleman and Jackie Sayers, part 2 of 4. Jackie’s wartime and post-war living next to military college. Dances, jive, old-time dancing. Robin was a tomboy, living in Cornwall, working in a hotel, children eating in rooms. Robin working in experimental horticulture. Married and worked as farm workers, then came as a family to NZ, Glen Orua. Husband found it difficult, went back to UK, then returned to NZ and settled better.
Published: 8/3/2021 3:00:00 PM
Manawatu Conversations 27-07-2021 - Episode 168( 0:27:11)       
Episode Information
Robin Coleman and Jackie Sayers, part 1 of 4. Jackie came to NZ in 1958. Wanted a country without a class system. Experience of system. Grammar school. Jackie’s and Robin’s wartime childhoods. Robin’s evacuation, father absence. After the war, mother continued working. Jackie coming to NZ as a service wife in 1958 on the Captain Cook with a baby, husband already in NZ. Information given about NZ. The journey out. Robin came on the Southern Cross in 1963.
Published: 7/27/2021 12:00:33 PM
Manawatu Conversations 20-07-2021 - Episode 167( 0:26:33)       
Episode Information
Andy Asquith and Iola Haggarty Part 2. Centralising public sector organization. Centralising versus decentralising. Councillors versus chief executives, training for elected representatives. Lack of trust in local authorities. Few links between councils and academics. New land for housing, traffic congestion. Public consultation a farce. Which organization has responsibility? Lack of knowledge of civics.
Published: 7/20/2021 3:00:00 PM
Manawatu Conversations 13-07-2021 - Episode 166( 0:26:59)       
Episode Information
Andy Asquith and Iola Haggarty Part 1. Comprehensive review of local government just announced. Problems with local government finance. Shared services. Low voter turnout. Lessons from the Covid pandemic. A constitution for NZ? Checks and balances. Power of the chief executive. Neoliberalism. Governance versus the representative role.
Published: 7/13/2021 3:00:00 PM
Manawatu Conversations 06-07-2021 - Episode 165( 0:31:37)       
Episode Information
John Waldon pt 3 of 3
Published: 7/6/2021 3:00:00 PM
Manawatu Conversations 29-06-2021 - Episode 164( 0:36:19)       
Episode Information
John Waldon Part 2. Involvement in the Public Health Association. Composition of membership. Scope of public health. Screening programmes. Vaccination. Changing behaviours. Covid-19 response. Hepatitis B. Identifying benefits from public health programmes. Screening and contact tracing. Diabetes. Compliance, registers.
Published: 6/29/2021 3:00:00 PM
Manawatu Conversations 22-06-2021 - Episode 163( 0:44:5)       
Episode Information
John Waldon Part 1. Elected to Mid-Central District Health Board. Boards due to be abolished in a restructuring. Current Board objectives, limited scope. Purpose of reforms. Centralisation of specialist services. Family support for patients. International health labour market. Adjustment to restructuring. Loss of elected representatives, but more community advocacy. Handling people’s issues and complaints. Ageing primary health workforce. Separate Maori health delivery.
Published: 6/22/2021 3:00:00 PM
Manawatu Conversations 15-06-2021 - Episode 162( 0:35:19)       
Episode Information
Grant Hadfield, Part 2 of 2. 2002 became Chief Executive Officer of FarmSafe. Developed educational safety programmes for farms. Impact of an on-farm injury. Consulting, then retired and went into local body politics, 2019. Learning to be a local body politician, having a mentor. Valuing democracy. Party politics in local government. The fourth estate and politics. Use of social media, Facebook. Relationship between elected officials and council staff. Impacts of political life on family.
Published: 6/15/2021 3:00:00 PM
Manawatu Conversations 08-06-2021 - Episode 161( 0:33:12)       
Episode Information
Grant Hadfield, Part 1 of 2. Long family history in NZ, 1823 Henry Williams arrived, later translated the Treaty of Waitangi. Other prominent ancestors. Father developed Lindale Farm. Grant went farming, but hit by policies from 1984 as recently bought a farm with high debt. Impact of family background on perception of self. Letters by Bishop Octavius Hadfield. Moved to Manawatu in 1989. Experience as farmer with policy changes in the 1980s. Communication different now, so knew little about world events then. Job as rep for Reed Publishing, then A&P executive officer, 7 A&P shows at the Showgrounds (Arena) including 2 Royal Shows. Pigs at the Royal Show.
Published: 6/8/2021 3:00:00 PM
Manawatu Conversations 25-05-2021 - Episode 159( 0:35:18)       
Episode Information
Darroch Ball, Part 1 of 2. Grew up in Auckland, university then army officer for 7 years, logistics officer. Why left the army. Limited Services Volunteers. YMCA then diploma in teaching and became a high school teacher. Father and discipline. Joined NZ First, elected to parliament. Winston Peters. Operation of parliament and select committees.
Published: 5/25/2021 3:00:00 PM
Manawatu Conversations 18-05-2021 - Episode 158( 0:27:23)       
Episode Information
Peleiupu Etuale. Came to NZ at 16, after WWII. Soldiers living near them during the war. Samoans working for the soldiers. Japanese bombing. Children playing with grenades, etc., getting killed/injured. Children kept home, no school, Japanese submarine threat. Children not to mix with soldiers. Soldiers fighting. Coming to NZ. Wanted to stay with father. Education opportunities in NZ, but sent straight to work. Teaching first aid in schools, cooking to young adults. Sister in Samoa trained to be a teacher. Contact with Samoa, seeing father again.
Published: 5/18/2021 3:00:00 PM
Manawatu Conversations 11-05-2021 - Episode 157( 0:28:24)       
Episode Information
Helen King. Work with MPR as funding manager. Purpose of Access Radio. Range of platforms. How to run a programme. Helen’s programmes. Changing technology. Recording during Covid-19 lockdown. Archiving programmes. Station staff. Feilding hub and portable studios. Programme makers. Video. Audience, live and after broadcast. Future developments. Source of local information, control of content. Impact of the environment. Editing recordings. Manchester House in Feilding. “Manchester” products.
Published: 5/11/2021 3:00:00 PM
Manawatu Conversations 20-04-2021 - Episode 156( 0:37:18)       
Episode Information
Ian McKelvey, Part 3 of 3. Climate change and the environment. Adaptation. Urbanisation. RSE scheme (Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme). Mechanised dairying. NZ as a Pacific/Asian country. Population growth. National response to Covid-19. Experience in parliament – personality politics, under-resourced media. Ex-politicians, career politicians. Over-65 voters. Government borrowing and debt. Forestry, carbon credits.
Published: 4/20/2021 3:00:00 PM
Manawatu Conversations 13-04-2021 - Episode 155( 0:32:7)       
Episode Information
Ian McKelvey Part 2 of 3. Getting into politics. Elected in by-election for Mayor of Manawatu. Bob Moody. Consensus politics, 1 vote in 9 years as Mayor. CEOs for management, council for governance. Feilding as a centre. Councils versus central government. Whanganui. Maori influence/representation. Maori wards. Press coverage. Quality of councillors. Maori culture. Use of productive land. Move to parliament. Workload. The disability sector. Select committees. The elderly.
Published: 4/13/2021 3:00:00 PM
Manawatu Conversations-06-04-2021 - Episode 154( 0:33:13)       
Episode Information
Ian McKelvey Part 1 of 3. MP for Rangitikei. Always lived on Tangimoana Rd. Family came about 1845. Links between early settler families. Integration of new migrants. Childhood schooling, Clydesdale School then Huntley. Riding to school. The Whanganui Collegiate. Small rural secondary schools struggling. Royal connections. Left school and worked in farming, some Massey agriculture study. Colombo Plan students. UK leaving the EU. NZ food exports. Sheep and beef farming. Marriage. Farming with brother. Keeping family farm as a unit (trusts, companies). Trusts less functional now. Corporatisation of farming. Little impact from the Vietnam War. Flax in the area. Development of the sand hills.
Published: 4/6/2021 3:00:00 PM
Manawatu Conversations-30-03-2021 - Episode 153( 0:32:45)       
Episode Information
Betty-Anne Lawler-Wishnowsky Part 2 of 2. Teaching, Ross Intermediate for probationary year, then primary teaching at Terrace End, then secondary at Manawatu College. Not a rigid curriculum. Total emersion schools. Involvement with Maori, attempts to increase number of Maori teachers. Grandson now a qualified teacher, family tradition. How teaching has changed. New Zealand history in schools. Assessment in schools (internal exams). Gifted children, special needs children. Teaching English in a total emersion school. To Teachers’ College. Maori trained teachers diverted to government departments because of language skills. Requirement of 3% of school material in Maori. Widowed and left teaching to run husband’s animal pharmaceuticals business.
Published: 3/30/2021 3:00:00 PM

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