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The Fluffy Slipper Lounge

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The Fluffy Slipper Lounge-06-08-2022( 0:58:45)       
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In The Fluffy Slipper Lounge this episode – Ludlow the Youngest has a ball, they check out the 2023 Gibbston concert line-up, talk sport (including the Commonwealth Games) and tease their dining activity this weekend
Published: 6/08/2022 7:00:00 a.m.
The Fluffy Slipper Lounge-30-07-2022( 0:58:52)       
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After an unexpected week of isolation Lyndal & Darren return with some talk about Covid; local shows; a mall; a café and rugby with the Abs issues
Published: 30/07/2022 7:00:00 a.m.
The Fluffy Slipper Lounge-16-07-2022( 0:58:55)       
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This week in The Fluffy Slipper Lounge Lyndal shares a conspiracy theory, they’re double-boosted, no longer kid-taxis, and talk a little sport. There are also a couple of songs from the not-your-usual-suspects!
Published: 16/07/2022 7:00:00 a.m.
The Fluffy Slipper Lounge-09-07-2022( 0:58:53)       
Episode Information
Skiing, celebrity selfies, Le Tour, Wimbledon and drag queens all come under discussion in this edition of The Fluffy Slipper Lounge
Published: 9/07/2022 7:00:00 a.m.

Lyndal and Darren Ludlow take a weekly dive into a space of comfort and quirk. Enjoy an eclectic blend of music, the informative, the strangely odd and the joys of life often overlooked.

Host: Lyndal and Darren Ludlow
Produced By: Radio Southland
Language: English
Category: Community
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