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God Is Not Absent

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God Is Not Absent- Episode 11 - Teresa Minish( 0:33:10)       
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Hey everybody, this week we have Teresa Minish joining us on the podcast! Teresa and I met at Riccarton Community Church a few years ago. In these years, I’ve seen her faith steadily grow and it’s been really cool to see her light up the places she’s a part of. I wanted to find out what God had done (and is doing!) in her life to make her so committed to Him. In this episode, Teresa shares how she came to know God. She talks about what it was like growing up in her non-christian home; her faith in God, which is more than just a set of rules; and what her life looked like without God in the picture. Teresa tells us what God has been doing in her life to get her to the place she’s at. Also being married and having lots of wisdom, she shares some great relationship advice that she’s learned along the way.
Published: 11/28/2021 12:00:00 PM
God Is Not Absent- Episode 10 - Rebekah Williams( 0:33:17)       
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Hey everyone! This week I’d like to introduce you to Rebekah Williams! Rebekah is a worship leader at Kaiapoi baptist, she loves to write songs, she’s just finished her law degree and she’s about to get married soon which is very exciting! She may be a pastors kid, but her story is one that you couldn’t guess (or at least I didn’t). From getting called a bible basher in school, to sharing the gospel with her friend, who was diagnosed with cancer, Rebekah shares the moments that made her faith her own. She shares her experiences of going to a secular high school, how her parents guided her through this time and tells us how her faith is continuing to be a vital part of her life today.
Published: 11/14/2021 12:00:00 PM
God Is Not Absent- Episode 9- Nic Blackie( 0:32:32)       
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Hey guys, I’m so excited to introduce to you Nic Blackie in this episode! Nic is a year 13 at Cashmere High who’s been making waves in his school through the Jesus club, a group dedicated to sharing the gospel and answering students’ biggest questions about life. Nic and a couple of his mates started this group in year 11 and since then, they’ve regularly had 40-50 students coming in every Thursday lunch to hear Nic talk about God. Nic shares why he’s so passionate about spreading the story of Jesus, the impact this club has had and how God has been helping the club thrive. He also gives us an insight into how he answers people’s questions about God and shares helpful tips for those looking to share the gospel themselves. The episode ends with a song that beautifully summarises Nic’s faith - “I’m Not Ashamed”.
Published: 10/28/2021 2:40:35 PM
God Is Not Absent- Episode 8 Reuben Grant( 0:29:49)       
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In this week’s episode we have Reuben Grant joining us! Reuben is from the sunny shores of Nelson and is currently studying engineering at Ara. We met a year ago and one of the first things I noticed about him was his sense of humour, which I personally find hilarious. But aside from his ability to crack jokes at opportune moments, Reuben caught my attention because he understood the joy of God so deeply and at such a young age. And I wanted to find out why. In this interview, Reuben shares how his faith in God was awakened at the age of 12, when he almost went blind and had to go through eye surgery. He talks about the strength and love of his christian community and how they helped him know Jesus. Reuben also shares his experience of finding pure joy in God and talks about the undeniable power of prayer in his life, especially in times when life hasn’t been so great.
Published: 10/17/2021 12:30:00 PM
God Is Not Absent - Episode 7 - Prisca Pieters( 0:30:4)       
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I’m so excited to have Prisca Pieters joining us in this episode! Prisca is a Youth Worker at Middleton Grange school and a Sports Coordinator for E Tū Tāngata, an organisation which tackles Tall Poppy syndrome in New Zealand (!!!) In this episode, we get some insight into how Prisca’s faith relates to her passion for teenagers, as well as the vision she has for her work in E Tū Tāngata. But Prisca also gets real with us, sharing the struggles she’s had in her faith. She talks about feeling underwhelmed by the so called “love” of God, how much she disliked being a youth worker and what her prayers to God looked like in those years. I loved interviewing Prisca. Hearing her speak about her life, it’s clear to see that it isn’t a series of random events, thoughts and coincidences. Her life is a story, written by God and it’s a beautiful one, speaking to the verse in the bible that says “Seek and you shall find”.
Published: 10/3/2021 12:30:00 PM
God Is Not Absent- Episode 6 - Scott McKenzie( 0:29:6)       
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In this week’s episode, we have Scott McKenzie joining us! Scott didn’t care about God when he was younger, but in university, he began to question what his beliefs about the world were. What started as an interest in politics turned into a hunger for bigger questions - Where do our ideas of morality come from? Why does morality exist in the first place? And now, he’s a Christian. In this episode, we delve into the journey of Scott’s pursuit of God. Scott shares his preconceptions about Christianity, what lead him to believe in Jesus, and how his faith has changed him today. He also gets really honest with us about some of the struggles he’s had understanding God, as well as what his relationship with God looks like.
Published: 9/19/2021 12:00:00 PM
God Is Not Absent- Episode 5 - Rachel Aitken( 0:30:10)       
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Hey guys! My guest this week is the amazing Rachel Aitken! Ever since I can remember, Rachel has been a strong leader and a woman of incredible love for the people around her. And in this episode, we get to see how God is the foundation of that. Rachel talks about why people are so important to her and how her faith plays a huge role in how she cares for her community. She shares her journey of making her faith her own, talking about times she’s felt like a failure in her christian walk, how she’s totally doubted God and why she loves the Bible (and how it wasn’t always the case!). And of course, she answers the most important question this podcast has to ask - Is God absent?
Published: 9/5/2021 12:30:00 PM
God Is Not Absent-Episode 4 Josh Francké( 0:28:5)       
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My guest this week is the very humble and down-to-earth Josh Francké! Francké and I met at church, but we first bonded over our cultural similarities (He’s half Sri-Lankan and I’m Indian ☺️) and then later connected over our passion for knowing God. Josh talks to us about how he became christian, why he’s so sure God exists and what it means for him to follow God in his life. He talks about his experience reading the bible, how he connects his passion for music and his faith together and shares with us if he’s ever felt like a failure in his faith.
Published: 8/22/2021 12:30:00 PM
God is Not Absent- Episode 3 - Melanie Aitken( 0:28:17)       
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This week we have Melanie Aitken joining us! Melanie is my best friend, we met in year 3 and became really close in our intermediate years. We bonded over our shared passion for being competitive in school…But many years later it’s our shared love for God, and each other, that makes this friendship so special. Melanie talks about her earliest memories of knowing God, why she’s so sure God exists and about how God has comforted her in the painful moments of her life. And if that’s not enough, really if you want to know the secret to living in hope in a world surrounded by brokenness, go check out this episode!!
Published: 8/6/2021 1:25:20 PM
God is Not Absent-Episode 2 - William Stedman( 0:21:15)       
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In this week’s episode, I interview the New Zealand para-athlete (and my good friend) William Stedman! A few weeks before he heads off to compete at the Tokyo 2021 Paralympics, Will joins us to talk about God’s hand in his athletics career, his need for Jesus and what it means for him to be a christian and to know God personally. In this episode, we discover the incredible love he has for God and what he finds truly valuable and meaningful in life.
Published: 8/1/2021 1:30:00 PM
God is Not Absent- Episode 1 - A chat with Jesse Metcalfe( 0:19:49)       
Episode Information
Jesse Metcalfe, an 18-year-old worship leader from Riccarton Community Church, joins God Is Not Absent to share her journey in getting to know God. Jesse talks about growing up in an atheist home, the impact of Christians around her, fun Christian events like Easter Camp, as well as her connection to God through music. She also talks about how her faith hasn’t made her exempt from struggle and how God has helped her through the hard moments in her life. Jesse’s story is one of incredible faith and it’s clear to see God in her story.
Published: 7/4/2021 2:30:00 PM

God Is Not Absent is a podcast that explores how God is present in the lives of young people today. Every episode, a new interviewee shares experiences they’ve had with God, and how their relationship with Him has shaped them.

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