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Wellington Access Radio is the station that's by, for, and about super-diverse, hyper-local communities. 📻 Broadcast: Wellington Access Radio 106.1FM 💻 Livestream and podcasts: 📲 Mobile app:

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AA on Air AA on Air
A programme about alcohol recovery.
Disability and HealthEnglish
Aakashwani Bharat Bhavan Aakashwani Bharat Bhavan
The latest in community events, news and interviews, plus the most popular Bollywood music.
Ethnic VoicesGujarati/Hindi/English
Aiden Reflects on Media Aiden Reflects on Media
Aua Ni Masu Aua Ni Masu
An Inter-Christian Denominational Hour of Prayer for all in Aotearoa during these challenging times of COVID19.
Religion and SpiritualityFijian
Awkward Talks Awkward Talks
A series of radio podcasts focused on harnessing vulnerability, authenticity, and a touch of awkwardness, to build connection and manaaki within the Aotearoa music community. Hosted by Tahini Bikini’s CAE (Ngāpuhi, Tainui) and solo artist IssyWALKER.
B-Side Stories B-Side Stories
Every Tuesday 5:00-6:00pm join the B-Side Story team for insider interviews about what's really going on across Wellington's communities.
News, Issues and Current AffairsEnglish
Capital Irish Capital Irish
Irish news, local events and activities plus interviews and live music.
Ethnic VoicesEnglish
Catching up with Community Catching up with Community
From Community Networks Wellington. Keeping communities connected through discussion on local topical issues. Showcasing community groups in Wellington who work tirelessly with our vulnerable people.
CommunityEnglish, Te Reo Māori
Climate Crisis Action Aotearoa Climate Crisis Action Aotearoa
Fossil fuels have put us in the 6th mass extinction. Governments are not facing up to the urgency for Action. Hear what climate crisis groups in Aotearoa are doing!
News, Issues and Current AffairsEnglish
Climbing the Mountain Climbing the Mountain
Climbing the Mountain is the radio show dedicated to exploring pathways to creative careers in Te Whanganui-a-Tara and beyond. Every four weeks, we'll chat with artists who've made it to the summit, and the movers and shakers that shape our industry.
Arts and CultureEnglish
Collaborative Voices Collaborative Voices
Collaborative Voices profiles community organisations and their people in a way that actively demonstrates how organisations are working.
Community Notices Community Notices
Keeping you up to date with what's happening in the local community.
Community Zone Community Zone
Interviews featuring Wellington creatives and community initiatives
Conversations with Wāhine Conversations with Wāhine
Brought to you by the Wellington Branch of New Zealand's National Council of Women. Tune in to listen to vibrant interviews and debates about the issues affecting us and the opportunities there are to have a say.
Gender and SexualityEnglish
Cyprus Community Cyprus Community
Music and news from Cyprus and Greece.
Ethnic VoicesEnglish
C-Zone with Simon Howard C-Zone with Simon Howard
C-Zone with Simon Howard brings all things funny and theatrical to the airwaves, celebrating the Capital's Arts and Theatre scenes.
Arts and CultureEnglish
Deen Affairs Deen Affairs
To bring current affairs, that related to Muslims, Islam, and New Zealand Communities. Islam Awareness with the true teaching of Islam.
Religion and SpiritualityEnglish
Ensalada Latina Ensalada Latina
Ecuadorian host Jorge takes the mic and brings you the best selection of salsa, mambo, latin jazz and other sounds from Latin America and the Caribbean
Arts and CultureEnglish
F1 Tea Talk with Liv F1 Tea Talk with Liv
Welcome to F1 Tea Talk With Liv! Here we talk about all thing F1/Motorsports in a fun and interesting way. This radio show is about F1 and motorsports - follow my journey though the straights with me.
Interests and HobbiesEnglish
Features Features
One off specials and short run series
From Croatia With Love From Croatia With Love
Music, news, and current events from Croatia.
Ethnic VoicesEnglish
Generation Unfiltered Generation Unfiltered
Welcome to Generation Unfiltered! This show will be highlighting issues important to youth in the lead up to this year's General Election, and to be honest, in the future, because we'll be the ones most effected by decisions made today. Hosted by Make It...
News, Issues and Current AffairsEnglish
Good Energy Project Good Energy Project
Inspiring, hopeful conversations with Loo Connor that demystify the role economics plays in our lives and the future of our planet.
Greek Orthodox Community Greek Orthodox Community
Nicky and Jim have news, notices, and music for the Greek community.
Ethnic VoicesGreek
Greek Orthodox Holy Metropolis of New Zealand Greek Orthodox Holy Metropolis of New Zealand
A religious programme for the Christian Greek Orthodox community.
Religion and SpiritualityEnglish and Greek