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A Voice Of Samoa - Faleauto Simi Maua Taua

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A Voice Of Samoa - Faleauto Simi Maua Taua-09-01-2020( 0:29:13)       
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Part 145: St. Augustine said, “Nothing that erodes the rule of law can be moral no matter what name we give it”. In a Kleptocracy, rule by thieves, there are bandits, bandits everywhere and lies abound and mental illness and sickness and disease aplenty. Yet to quote Susan Sontag, "Courage inspires communities: the courage of an example — for courage is as contagious as fear".
Published: 1/9/2020 7:00:00 AM
A Voice Of Samoa - Faleauto Simi Maua Taua-02-01-2020( 0:30:20)       
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Part 144: Albert Ainu'u writes, "I'm noticing something very strange in Samoa. The people are totally brainwashed. Is the country a massive cult or is there something else?..yet the consequences of his maintaining power are dire for the future of Samoa. Samoa has no choice [and] it must make a change in the next election of 2021." Throughout human history, dictators trample upon the human rights of a population until they have had enough and the pretence of political stability is unmasked as a cruel con game and the dictator and his henchmen revealed as amoral brutes.
Published: 1/2/2020 7:00:00 AM