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Astrology with Wendy

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Astrology with Wendy - Episode 14 - Gelareh & Maryam, founders of Kosmos Institute( 0:58:31)       
Episode Information
.Wendy Forman, Hawke's Bay astrologer interviews the founding mothers of Kosmos Institute, a new home for the sacred art of free inquiry. Gelareh Khoie and Maryam Sayyad are true Renaissance women of the Aquarian Age. Kosmos Institute is an academic locus for the transformation of individual and collective consciousness. Online higher learning on the interdisciplinary precincts of Mythology, Esotericism, and Archetypes. Visit https://www.kosmosinstitute.org/ If you enroll between 24-March and 21-June, receive 20% off! Use this discount code: SUMMERASTRO2024
Published: 21/03/2024 1:28:00 p.m.
Astrology with Wendy - 22-02-2024 - Episode 13 - Dan Waites' interview( 0:41:11)       
Episode Information
Wendy Forman, host of Astrology with Wendy interviews Dan Waites astrologer and creator of YouTube’s World Astrology Report. Discussions on the planets and their synodic cycles, particularly in April 2024, and how the planetary conjunctions could manifest in the coming months. Links for references made in the episode: Dan’s video on Why 2024 will be a Landmark Year: https://youtu.be/et29G-WpbiI?si=rOx3L2wGnj4Tt--X Dan’s series on New Age 2026: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdN2ab1pjMv56bLgXdqDZyek50HloooeP Dan’s writing at Substack: https://worldastrologyreport.substack.com/
Published: 22/02/2024 12:00:00 p.m.