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Swell On Air

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Swell On Air - Episode 8 - Warm and cosy homes with care( 0:21:8)       
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Caroline Shone from Community Energy Action will talk to us about ways to make your home warm and cosy. Adeola Salami from Deo Home Care Services will join us to discuss how to get the home care you need.
Published: 12/2/2021 8:15:00 AM
Swell On Air - Episode 7 - Online safety and thinking of your own business?( 0:21:6)       
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Cyber security advisor, Aram Raof-Karim will talk about what you need to know to keep safe online. This is followed by Chris Kirk talking about how to go about setting up your own business later in life.
Published: 12/2/2021 8:00:00 AM
Swell On Air - Episode 6 - Important actions in ageing well( 0:16:8)       
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Advanced Care Planning with Jenna Cook: what it is, why we needed it and how to set up a plan followed by an interview with Chris Ward from the Selwyn Prostate Cancer Support Group – what you need to know!
Published: 11/25/2021 8:15:00 AM
Swell On Air - Episode 5 - Brain Health, Alcohol, Drugs and Ageing( 0:32:30)       
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Brain Health with Lee Andrews from Dementia Canterbury. Lynne Glynn talks about alcohol, drugs and ageing.
Published: 11/25/2021 8:00:00 AM
Swell On Air - Episode 4 -West Melton’s accessible garden and Hāpai Access Card( 0:19:50)       
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Helen and Brian Coker of Stoneycrop Gardens will share their love of their garden and why it was so important that it was created with accessibility as a key feature. Then Susan Jackman from Hāpai Access Card will discuss how people with disabilities are able to use the card.
Published: 11/23/2021 8:15:00 AM
Swell On Air - Episode 3 - Explore Selwyn's Homes and Gardens( 0:27:57)       
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We talk to the owners of Rhodo Direct, Gunyah Country Estate, Glenlothian Farm and Chateau Pritchard.
Published: 11/23/2021 8:00:00 AM
Swell On Air - Episode 2 - Older People, the Happiest of Them All and The Boulevard Lifestyle Village Rolleston( 0:13:19)       
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Robyn Johnston from Transition Navigators will talk about her PhD study at the University of Canterbury researching the wellbeing of those 65 years or older. We then interview Karen Harris, an example of a business making people happy in Rolleston.
Published: 11/22/2021 8:15:00 AM
Swell On Air - Episode 1 - What Ageing Well in Our Community Looks Like( 0:25:44)       
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Selwyn Mayor, Sam Broughton introducing Swell on Air. We will hear from James Richmond (Active Selwyn) and Rebecca Logan (Sport Canterbury), Abby Wilson (Green Prescription) and Justine Holmes (Zumba Gold) about living longer, stronger.
Published: 11/22/2021 8:00:00 AM