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For the Love of Wine

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For the Love of Wine - Aug 07 2022 - Matt Rutherford( 0:33:52)       
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For 30 years Matthew Rutherford said ”I’ll never own a winery”, yet 2 years ago he purchased Spencer Hill Estate where he had been working for 30 years for the American owners Philip and Sheryl Jones. Spencer Hill Estate is in Upper Moutere and many things are done differently here... Tune in and listen to Matthew's take on Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, oak barrels, Kosher wine, screw caps and being self-sufficient.
Published: 7/08/2022 6:38:00 p.m.
For the Love of Wine - Jul 24 2022 - Jim Jerram( 0:33:0)       
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After 20 plus years of owning and managing OSTLER Wine, Jim Jerram has sold his business... with mixed emotions of course. Ostler is in the Waitaki Valley in North Otago and Jim Jerram was a pioneer when it comes to planting vines and making wine there. He tells the story of how he went from being a GP for 29 years to becoming a vigneron and vintner producing top-notch Pinot Noir with a difference.
Published: 25/07/2022 3:34:18 p.m.
For the Love of Wine - Jul 10 2022 - Bruce Taylor TOHU( 0:35:10)       
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This show tells the story of TOHU wines through chief winemaker Bruce Taylor. TOHU is Aotearoa’s and the world’s first Maori-owned wine business, established in 1998. The Secret behind Tohu’s success is good quality wine and the Maori point of difference and the fact that they "treat their land quite differently". Bruce talks about how the land is very important to Maori as they see themselves as guardians of the land. TOHU has vineyards in the Awatere Valley in Marlborough and in Nelson and pro
Published: 11/07/2022 4:55:27 p.m.
For the Love of Wine - Jun 26 2022 - Nicholas Brown( 0:35:0)       
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Nicholas Brown from Black Estate in Waipara talks passionately about this family-run business. He was voted New Zealand WINEMAKER of the year by the Gourmet Traveller Wine magazine’s annual Awards earlier this year, and it's an award that means a lot - not only to him but the whole team who helps Nicholas make Black Estate's awardwinning biodynamic wines. Being biodynamic is a huge challenge but Nicholas loves what he does and no challenge seems too big!
Published: 27/06/2022 5:28:46 p.m.
For the Love of Wine - May 15 2022 - Looking Back pt2( 0:38:19)       
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This show is the 2nd of two called LOOKING BACK where host Kirsten Roedsgaard has chosen to share highlights from some of the nearly 50 shows that have aired since the launch of FOR THE LOVE OF WINE in August 2020. In this edition she is replaying fun, informative and even educational snippets from winemakers all over the country.
Published: 16/05/2022 2:16:16 p.m.
For the Love of Wine - May 01 2022 - Looking Back pt1( 0:37:37)       
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This show is called LOOKING BACK 1 as host Kirsten Roedsgaard replays snippets from some of the nearly 50 shows she has done since the show launched in August 2020. Her focus in this show is on WOMEN in the New Zealand wine industry. A subject close to her heart as some years ago she wrote and published a book called PASSION, PINOT & Savvy – focusing on women winemakers in Aotearoa. Kirsten interviewed 16 women and a few of them have since featured here on FOR THE LOVE OF WINE.
Published: 2/05/2022 6:08:52 p.m.
For the Love of Wine - Apr 17 2022 - Martin Cahnbley( 0:36:26)       
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Kirsten chats with Auckland-based Martin Cahnbley who established Planet Wine in 2003. He describes his business like this: “We travel around the world to discover great wines, great people, great stories. We cannot help ourselves and also import small lots of spirits, liquors, olive oils and beers.” Martin talks about his fascinating career in wine, his background growing up in South Africa and of course wine from around the globe!
Published: 19/04/2022 6:21:22 p.m.
For the Love of Wine - Apr 03 2022 - Rosie Butler and Rodger Tynan( 0:32:4)       
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Rosie Butler was quite the pioneer in the New Zealand wine industry, she got involved in the early 1970s. She is a winemaker and worked in both NZ and Australia before establishing LIMEROCK WINES with her Australian husband Rodger Tynan, an ecologist, in Waipawa in Central Hawkes Bay. Last year they decided to sell the vineyard which sadly means the end of Limerock Wines. Full retirement is not quite yet on the cards however, as the two are busy selling the stock of their beautiful Limerock wine
Published: 6/04/2022 6:30:00 p.m.
For the Love of Wine - Mar 20 2022 - Seifried( 0:34:11)       
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The New Zealand world of wine is full of colourful people who are all passionate about their craft.
Published: 21/03/2022 2:07:43 p.m.
For the Love of Wine - Mar 06 2022 - Cameron Douglas( 0:34:20)       
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Cameron Douglas is New Zealand's only Master Sommelier and Kirsten talks to him about his very unique role in the wine sector. From teaching to promoting and judging - Cameron wears at lot of hats. He has travelled extensively, loves food and wine and is passionate about people and the hospitality industry. A fun and very informative interview.
Published: 7/03/2022 2:01:23 p.m.
For the Love of Wine - Feb 20 2022 - Kai Schubert( 0:34:4)       
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In this edition Kirsten talks to Kai Schubert about his winery Schubert Wines. He and Marion Deimling both originate from Germany and both studied viticulture and oenology at Germany's wellknown Geisenheim University. In fact, that is where they met and decided to search the world for a perfect spot to "craft wines of uncompromising quality that would stand out alongside the finest in the world". They found their dream spot in Wairarapa and it seems they have achieved what they set out to do. Th
Published: 21/02/2022 4:54:39 p.m.