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Back Chat – 20-11-2022( 0:58:22)       
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Dr Alexander Stevens talks about childhood sexual violence. What are the ramifications for the victim's life - and what of the perpetrators?
Published: 20/11/2022 12:45:00 p.m.
Back Chat – 13-11-2022( 0:54:24)       
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Monarchy in New Zealand - Part 2. Host James Kind speaks with Dr Sean Palmer about Constitutional Monarchy, takes a look at the legacy of the late queen, and what the future may hold for Aotearoa New Zealand's form of democracy.
Published: 14/11/2022 9:30:00 a.m.
Back Chat – 06-11-2022( 0:58:14)       
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The Monarchy - is it time for a change? The first part of a 2 part series on whether NZ should become a republic, Former diplomat and republican Peter Hamilton talks about why it’s time to make the change.
Published: 7/11/2022 9:15:00 a.m.