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Manawatu Conversations 24-05-2022 - Episode 210( 0:27:50)       
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John Ross Part 2 of 2. Work on local writers. Elizabeth Smither. NZ writers as a group, the local scene. Alison’s view on NZ writers and of Britain. John’s view of hit time in England. Wind turbines and pine trees. John has a more favourable view of NZ. John and acting. Palmerston North feeling like Wellington earlier. NZ students and Shakespeare. Approaches to Shakespeare. Value of live theatre. NZ audiences. A Yorkshire play – Yorkshire humour. Specific characteristics of NZ writing?
Published: 24/05/2022 3:00:00 p.m.
Manawatu Conversations 17-05-2022 - Episode 209( 0:28:8)       
Episode Information
John Ross Part 1 of 2. NZ Society of Authors, NZ Poetry Society, local Writers Hub. Local writers. NZ Chisholms, a code breaker in WWII. Uncle a pilot in WWII. Father had rugby injury, served in NZ. Family life in the war. Mother had degree in history. Grandmother was a pharmacist. Depression years. Father smoking. Impressions of the war. Tramping in the Tararuas.
Published: 17/05/2022 3:00:00 p.m.
Manawatu Conversations 10-05-2022 - Episode 208( 0:27:47)       
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Discussion: ANZAC Day 2022 and Covid. 2020 standing at our gates. Jack Register playing The Last Post. Significance for children in the past. Gallipoli. Technology and images from Ukraine. Attitudes to war. Women in war. John Ward’s radio station. New NZ history syllabus and Maori history in earlier curriculum. Logistics and support in war. Flu pandemic after WWI. Conflict in Ukraine.
Published: 10/05/2022 3:00:00 p.m.
Manawatu Conversations 03-05-2022 - Episode 207( 0:28:19)       
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Bob Stewart, Part 4 of 4. Experiencing US and Canada after time at Christ’s College, Christchurch. Approaches to education, incentives, penalties, influence of parents. Changes since then. Dealing with failure. More optimistic can-do attitude in the US. Co-educational schooling. Education for adolescents. Returned to NZ when aged nearly 50. “Retired”, and elected on to city council. Fitzherbert Avenue trees and 4-laning. Journal, Social Behaviour and Personality. Reviewing and editing.
Published: 3/05/2022 3:00:00 p.m.
Manawatu Conversations 26-04-2022 - Episode 206( 0:26:14)       
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Bob Stewart, Part 3 of 4. Time in Fiji, the Rabuka coup. Student behaviour to soldiers. International Year of Peace. Rotary’s role in UN and UNESCO. Joining the Rotary Club of Suva East, supporting an Indian orphanage there. Bob’s higher roles in Rotary. Rotary Peace Forum, Polio Plus. Rotary Club of Terrace End: Polio Plus dinners; collecting spectacles for the Pacific Islands.
Published: 26/04/2022 3:00:00 p.m.
Manawatu Conversations 19-04-2022 - Episode 205( 0:26:23)       
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Bob Stewart, Part 2 of 4. Why Bob moved about before settling here. Training for psychology. Job at Massey University in 1967, authoritarian culture. Getting into property. Boarding school experience, continuing aversion to sport (still while nearly 83). Perspective on role of teachers (motivating). Stopping breathing as stress relief. Impact of father’s death. Step-father was quite different. Relationship with step-brother.
Published: 19/04/2022 3:00:00 p.m.
Manawatu Conversations 12-04-2022 - Episode 204( 0:26:59)       
Episode Information
Bob Stewart, Part 1 of 4. Early childhood, in Wellington until 12, then Manawatu, boarding school then AFS. To Victoria University studying psychology. To Mid-West and then Harvard, followed by a lectureship in Ottawa. Lecturing and PhD at Massey, then to Ontario, followed by Fiji and the University of the South Pacific. Book, Pacific Profiles. Became Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Rambuka’s coup. After 12 years, came to Palmerston North. Wanted to retire as nearly 50. Became a city councillor.
Published: 12/04/2022 3:00:00 p.m.
Manawatu Conversations 05-04-2022 - Episode 203( 0:27:50)       
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Tania Kopytko, 2 of 2. Working with the Palmerston North Community Arts Council. Funded by PN Council and QEII Arts Council. Broad definition of arts. Facilitating activities, building community. Initial negativity from the arts establishment. Moved to involvement rather than excellence as a goal, things have opened up. Funding for projects. Eric Brew, Val Bolter, other tutors. Merging of Community Arts and Square Edge Trust Boards. Loss of momentum. World on Stage.
Published: 5/04/2022 3:00:00 p.m.
Manawatu Conversations 29-03-2022 - Episode 202( 0:27:50)       
Episode Information
Tania Kopytko, 1 of 2. Grew up in Palmerston North, studied social anthropology at Massey University. Family background. PhD in anthropology of dance with Queen’s University, Belfast, comparing ballet and breakdance. Working in community arts, a new global movement. Art as a means of linking diverse groups. Development stalled with funding cuts in 1990s. Funding sources reemerging now. Crows Feet Dance Collective. Dance exercise project. Mostly for women, but there are other things for men.
Published: 29/03/2022 3:00:00 p.m.
Manawatu Conversations 22-03-2022 - Episode 201( 0:31:3)       
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Jim and Joy Bain, 3 of 3. 20 acre lifestyle block in Woodville rearing calves, semi-retired. IHC and St John calf schemes. St John Health Shuttle, Pahiatua to Palmerston North. Son had meningitis at 3. From age 20 had 36 years with IHC. Now 61, working and independent living with some assistance. Son’s father a Samoan. No schooling or support. IHC workshop in Nelson. Jim, 80 years old, drives a school shuttle for special needs children.
Published: 22/03/2022 3:00:00 p.m.
Manawatu Conversations 15-03-2022 - Episode 200( 0:27:50)       
Episode Information
Jim and Joy Bain, 2 of 3. Joy was adopted at 6 years old by mother’s twin sister. Family connections, long-term impacts. Volunteering with AFS, hosted children. As hosting exchange students, got trips to visit Thailand and have short stays with families. Now get paid to host. Cultural differences with Thailand. Stomach bugs when travelling. Running a motel, work hours, incidents.
Published: 15/03/2022 3:00:00 p.m.
Manawatu Conversations 08-03-2022 - Episode 199( 0:27:6)       
Episode Information
Jim and Joy Bain, 1 of 3. Voluntary work, started with Jim’s father, natural to do things for others. Scouts, paper drives, other fundraising. Grew up in Seddonville, moved to Nelson, then Levin in 1978. Paper drives without cellphones. World Vision stands at trade shows, getting people to sponsor children. Actually supporting community projects. Valuing volunteers. Small proportion or revenue going to overheads.
Published: 8/03/2022 3:00:00 p.m.
Manawatu Conversations 01-03-2022 - Episode 198( 0:25:52)       
Episode Information
Dave Harding, Part 2 of 2. Worked at Massey from 1973 to 2021 aged 78. Type of research, preference for practical applications of chemistry. Past students. Primarily research work until mid-1990s when increased teaching responsibilities. Nature of chemistry research. Changing focus of chemistry towards applications. Water quality increasingly important. Cross-disciplinary approaches. More accurate measurements, better equipment.
Published: 1/03/2022 3:00:00 p.m.
Manawatu Conversations 22-02-2022 - Episode 197( 0:26:40)       
Episode Information
Dave Harding, Part 1 of 2. Born in England. Many moves in early life. To Palmerston North in 1973. Early family connection with New Zealand. Moving to Canada. Came to New Zealand aged 19 for university. Similarities with Canada. No assisted passage for the family. Choice of chemistry. Travel after graduation. International calls. Canadian weather. Trips to Egypt. Departmental name changes.
Published: 22/02/2022 3:00:00 p.m.
Manawatu Conversations 15-02-2022 - Episode 196( 0:27:3)       
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Stuart Birks, Iola Haggarty, Alison Mildon, Part 2 of 2. Iola’s bach or second home at Foxton Beach. Beach houses in the past. Quarter acre section lifestyle. Kiwi weekends. Holidays in 1950s. Alison on freedom in childhood. School holidays. Better in the past. Extended family ties. More organized activities now. Focus on safety. The Fitzherbert Avenue tree protest 25 years ago. Outcome of the protest.
Published: 15/02/2022 2:00:00 p.m.
Manawatu Conversations 08-02-2022 - Episode 195( 0:26:35)       
Episode Information
Stuart Birks, Iola Haggarty, Alison Mildon, Part 1 of 2. Local government responses to Covid and other disasters. Voluntary networks, ethnic communities. Reliance on the authorities. Civil Defence workshop on mapping communities. Privacy issues, conflict with monitoring and databases. ID cards with facial recognition. Local government failure. Submissions to council. Referenda? Training for council staff. Governance versus management.
Published: 8/02/2022 3:30:00 p.m.
Manawatu Conversations 01-02-2022 - Episode 194( 0:32:37)       
Episode Information
Kirsten Holst, Part 2 of 2. Gerontology and getting to know families. Personal experience of her mother’s dementia. Mental and physical activity beneficial, also social activity. Memory problems. Changing technology, party line phones. Handling finances. Growing up with a famous mother (Alison Holst). Brother went into the food business. How mother started on TV, impact on NZ cooking. Living with ageing people. Mother finding it harder to cook. Family food rituals. Husband’s stroke.
Published: 1/02/2022 3:00:00 p.m.
Manawatu Conversations 25-01-2022 - Episode 193( 0:27:50)       
Episode Information
Kirsten Holst, Part 1 of 2. Geriatrician, looking after frail people, mix of conditions, so more holistic, teamwork. Dementia. Families more dispersed. Ageing in place. Erosion of community living, family networks. Kirsten’s career progression. Changing hospital environment and administration. Working hours for junior doctors. Few GPs per capita.
Published: 25/01/2022 3:00:00 p.m.
Manawatu Conversations 18-01-2022 - Episode 192( 0:26:49)       
Episode Information
Eileen Curd, Part 2 of 2. A chorus girl in the UK. A film extra with Richard Attenborough. Dancing, ballet and tap. Working in Wellington. Shipboard romances. Women getting pregnant before marriage. Moved to Palmerston North in 1960, quiet then. Lagoon in garden, later filled in. Early experience of earthquakes. Annual earthquake drills (New Zealand ShakeOut day). Her dog, perhaps her 5th. Place of a dog in the home. Earth from College Street used to fill the lagoon.
Published: 18/01/2022 3:00:00 p.m.
Manawatu Conversations 11-01-2022 - Episode 191( 0:28:59)       
Episode Information
Eileen Curd, Part 1 of 2. Eileen just turned 90. Came to NZ from UK in 1953, 10 pound Pom. Went to NZ for 2 years’ OE after future husband (Fred) had gone there, although he had dumped her. Got married. Years later she met the other woman. 5 o’clock at St James’ corner. Knowing Fred in UK. Husband’s experience in Royal Navy in WWII. Eileen finished school at 14. Stopped work when 6 months pregnant. Settling in to NZ. Learning to cook. Wartime childhood. When the war broke out.
Published: 11/01/2022 3:00:00 p.m.
Manawatu Conversations 04-01-2022 - Episode 190( 0:27:50)       
Episode Information
National Council of Women, Part 2 of 2. The Cotton On protest. Disability access to the courthouse. 1957-59 campaign to keep the bus waiting room open until the last bus leaves. Other activities. Disagreements within the NCW. Diversity, ethnic, education, age. Afghan women voting. Meeting on voting not allowed at the library, meet the candidates. Targeting young people. Young people’s view of NCW. Most volunteers are retired, but also focus on issues for young people. The future for NCW. Online meetings. Access to Ministries and politicians. Suffrage in Stitches exhibition. Size of the local branch, impact of Covid.
Published: 4/01/2022 3:00:00 p.m.
Manawatu Conversations 28-12-2021 - Episode 189( 0:27:6)       
Episode Information
National Council of Women, Part 1 of 2. Involvement with the National Council of Women. Organisation of the Council, an umbrella for numerous women’s groups and individuals. An advocacy group for half the population. Court case about charity status. Also active in education (about proposed legislation). History of NCW. National and regional organization, age of membership. International connections. Areas of interest. Approach to issues. Influence due to numbers represented. If alternative views, present more than one perspective. Book, 115 Years of Resolutions. Public attitudes towards NCW. Is NCW a feminist organisation? Women in local government. Julia Wallace.
Published: 28/12/2021 3:00:00 p.m.
Manawatu Conversations 21-12-2021 - Episode 188( 0:29:33)       
Episode Information
Judy Milne and Alison Mildon, Part 2 of 2. About 2002, proposed use of Longburn land for industry. Conflict between urban and rural, “reverse sensitivity”. 2007 Flygers Line mega-mall proposal. The One Plan (Manawatu-Whanganui region). Palmerston North residential land strategy, documents 2012, finalized 2016. PN expanding to Longburn on class 1 and 2 land. Who objects? Many do not make submissions. Retrospective consents, weak monitoring and enforcement. Alison concerned about windfarms. Aesthetic appeal of the ranges. Types of political activity.
Published: 21/12/2021 3:00:00 p.m.
Manawatu Conversations 14-12-2021 - Episode 187( 0:27:39)       
Episode Information
Judy Milne and Alison Mildon, Part 1 of 2. Judy born in Kairanga, great-grandfather settled there. Father saw city expanding over good soils. Judy active since 1997 objecting to changes in subdivision rules. Lifestyle blocks. Town planning. Few farmers objecting to loss of quality land. Expansion of Palmerston North. Class 1 and 2 agricultural land in PN area. Judy’s submissions. 2002 PNCC urban growth study, low weighting on soils. Results not accepted. Longburn industrial land use study.
Published: 14/12/2021 3:00:00 p.m.
Manawatu Conversations 07-12-2021 - Episode 186( 0:27:35)       
Episode Information
Kevin Low, Part 2 of 2. PEC development of EFTPOS (electronic funds transfer at point of sale), at first in petrol pumps perhaps in the late 1980s. Expansion into shops by others. Security systems, card access. Major users here and overseas (Massey University, London Underground). Security division purchased by Gallagher Engineering, Hamilton. Conferences and expos, industrial espionage precautions. Process of product development. 35-40% of expenditure on R&D (eventually about 200 R&D staff).
Published: 7/12/2021 3:00:00 p.m.
Manawatu Conversations 30-11-2021 - Episode 185( 0:26:19)       
Episode Information
Kevin Low, Part 1 of 2. Kevin joined PEC in Marton in 1967 after time working on transistors at DSIR. Company wanted to introduce some high technology. Moved to Marton in 1973. Electric fencing. Innovation in petrol pump design, new ways to buy petrol (prepay, card, etc.). Rapid growth in staff numbers. World leaders in electronic pump technology. Exporting. Origins of the company. Marton lifestyle. Over 3 or 4 years had recruited about 50 R&D staff, innovative spirit. Process of product development. PEC Exporter of the Year, small and nimble. Company culture, staff benefits, gym, parental leave. Overseas travel. Recruiting and graduates.
Published: 30/11/2021 3:00:00 p.m.