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Civic Kōrero

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Civic Kōrero - Maxine van Oosten – 09-05-2024( 0:15:38)       
Episode Information
Cr Maxine van Oosten is Chair of the Hamilton City Council's Finance and Monitoring Committee. She discusss the big expenditures council is facing as the city continues growing into the 21st Century.
Published: 13/05/2024 8:30:00 a.m.
Civic Kōrero – 29-04-2024( 0:16:55)       
Episode Information
Cr Sarah Thomson talks with Mike Williams about the issues facing the Strategic Growth Committee, and the outlook for Kirikiriroa, Hamilton city.
Published: 29/04/2024 8:30:00 a.m.
Civic Korero - Cr Kesh Naidoo-Rauf – 15-04-2024( 0:15:29)       
Episode Information
Cr Kesh Naidoo-Rauf discusses the work of the Community and Natural Environment Committee, which she chairs.
Published: 15/04/2024 8:30:00 a.m.
Civic Kōrero - Cr Ewan Wilson – 01-04-2024( 0:15:37)       
Episode Information
Cr Ewan Wilson discusses the challenges of the Long Term Plan and the pressure on Council to ensure the 'books are balanced' within the first three years.
Published: 1/04/2024 8:30:00 a.m.
Civic Kōrero - Cr Moko Tauariki – 18-03-2024( 0:15:24)       
Episode Information
Cr Moko Taurariki on the development of the Long Term Plan and ratepayer feedback.
Published: 18/03/2024 8:30:00 a.m.