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The Paleface Parabola

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The Paleface Parabola - 21-02-2024( 1:57:2)       
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We got the memo... It calls for mass quantities of crash, boom and bang. That’s where we arrive to save the day, thus earning the big money. We are the hombres that ride tall in the saddle on caper 115 of our weekly fly-by. He’s the Mystery Man, who has picked a gem this week for his selection and who is the overlord of The Paleface Parabola sonically and nutritionally. I’m Jumpin JB and as in most of my ventures, I’m the face of the franchise but I depend on the kindness of friends to stumble thru life. Here’s just a spattering of my musical chums on this programme to aid and abet our mission. The Rock and Roll Trio, Katie Henry, Chris Whitley, Megan Henderson, The Hamilton County Bluegrass Band, Roland Alphonso, and Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band, but seven of our 20-track glory ride. To somewhere...
Published: 21/02/2024 10:00:00 p.m.