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Episode 318 - Vicki-Marie Buchanan Part 2 of 4( 0:28:2)       
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Left Department of Internal Affairs after six months and joined NAC (National Airways Corporation) administration about 1975. Worked there 13 years. Reservations and ticketing was a very manual job pre-computers NAC merged with Air NZ and she got a job as secretary to the supply manager involved with buying and selling aircraft. Married 1976. Transferred to Wellington airport as secretary to the district senior pilot and worked with aircrew. Erebus disaster had a big effect on staff. Reads Bill Sewell poem ‘Sestina on History and the Snow’ Took maternity leave in 1982. Husband was made redundant and became a house husband. Vicki-Marie wanted to go back to work after three months but her job had been given to someone else. Produced by Manawatū People's Radio with the support of New Zealand On Air.
Published: 18/06/2024 3:00:00 p.m.